We all have dreams at night even though sometimes it’s really hard to remember them. The tribeworld inhabitants are no different and probably have very vivid dreams of what has happened to them in their lives.

The fact that they have gone through some pretty horrific ordeals mean that the Mall Rats and other Tribal members must have some nasty nightmares of the effects of the virus. All that grey hair and papery skin? No thanks, not even in my dreams!!

Some of the characters might dream about their parents and loved ones who have passed on and might even get the odd message from beyond the grave.

I wonder if the Big G. would have dreamt about his childhood or if his dreams were purely about world domination and how best to serve Zoot?

Sometimes dreams just show you snippets of things that you have seen that day no matter whether they are subconscious images or not.

And other times you are working out how to deal with a problem in your dreams if you have been thinking a lot about something.

But sometimes dreams actually tell us something and there are a lot of websites and books dedicated to this topic.

What do they mean?
Afraid – If you are afraid of others in a dream it might be because an acquaintance is not going to fulfill a promise.
If you are afraid for yourself in a dream it might mean that there is disappointment all around you.

Death – If you dream about death or dying it might mean that you should go carefully and plan properly. You should listen carefully to what people are saying to you, there is a solution to your problem if you would only look in the right places.

Telephone – Talking over the phone is said to be a sign that there is jealousy surrounding you!


A lot of people have nice daydreams but this is something that you force yourself to do whereas nighttime dreaming is usually something that you have no control over. Daydreams can be a way of fantasizing about a life better than your own if you are stuck doing something really monotonous or if you are doing something you really don’t want to be doing.

Sweet Dreams…

Trudy – would dream about her time with her true love Bray.

Tai San – would dream about the meaning of life.

Bray – would dream about his time with his brother when they got on together.

Lex – would dream about where he would find his next woman.

Zoot – would dream about power and chaos and what nasty business he could get himself into.

Brady – would dream about her toys.

Amber – would dream about the end of the fighting and the chance to spend some quality time with Bray and their son.

Jay – would dream about his dead brother Ved.

Ram – would dream about what new things to add to his virtual world.

Salene – would dream about finding Ryan.

Bob – would dream about chasing his tail and catching flies.

Ellie – would dream about her time on the farm with her sister Alice.

If you are interested in what your dreams mean, try to jot down a few notes as soon as you wake up so that you have a better chance of remembering what happened when you were snoozing.

Of course, if all you dream about is The Tribe or some of the sexy gals or guys that are in it then it can only mean one thing…you’re obsessed! Mwahahahaha!

Another Worldview coming soon…