Interview with Matt Robinson (Slade) Behind the Makeup…

Interview: Interview with Matt Robinson

Behind the Makeup…

TW: What colour are your eyes?

Matt. – Hazel/Green

TW: What do you do to take care of your skin?

Matt. – Wash and moisturise daily. And drink heaps of water.

TW: What do you do to take care of your health?

Matt. – Lots and lots of water, exercise and red wine.

TW: Are you concerned about your looks given the business you are in?

Matt. – Definitely, although wish I didn’t have to be quite so much.

TW: Would you consider putting on or losing a lot of weight for a part?

Matt. – Without a doubt – weight comes and goes, great parts don’t that often.


TW: Do you think that weight and looks should be important in the film business or do you think that there’s too much pressure put on actors to look a certain way?

Matt. – I think weight and looks are important in order to take on the shape of a character. I love actors who are chameleon like in their films – Cate Blanchett or Sean Penn. However, I worry about the pressure the “perfect look” puts on actors. We all like looking at beautiful people on screen, but the real beauty lies beneath a six-pack or a perfect figure. It’s the acting talent that really matters, not the pretty packaging around it.

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