Jennyfer Jewell (Ellie), Caleb Ross (Lex) and Meryl Cassie (Ebony) If I Were King or Queen for the Day?

If I Were King or Queen for the Day?

If you were King or Queen for the day, what would you do and why?

Jennyfer Jewell : Ooooh… make chocolate free! 🙂 Force all the wealthy nations to give aid (proportionate to their wealth) to poorer nations, force all nations to destroy all

nuclear weapons and biological warfare weaponry, make discrimination illegal, education free and all religions tolerant! Why would I do this? If it worked, it would make the world a better place – and less scary. Especially the chocolate thing 🙂


Caleb Ross : I’d give everybody the day off and have a huge happy parade / carnival / party day, because I think everyone deserves it.

Meryl Cassie : I would shop til I drop. Have a huge party at my mansion for all my friends and family and famous guests I love. And I’d be pampered all day long with strawberries and icing sugar.