Monique Cassie (Siva), Tom Hern (RAM) and Calen Maiava-Paris (MEGA) If I Were King or Queen for the Day?

Monique Cassie : I would like to give all the hungry people in South Africa food and also lots of fun because that’s something they miss out on. And I have seen it with my own eyes. I remember when I was young that on a Sunday after lunch all the food we did not eat and had left over, my Dad used to take us to the poor parts of town and we used to give them all our food. The joy and appreciation on their face was just too good to see. So if I could do that again I would.


Tom Hern : Split the worlds money all ways so everyone was equal

again. For a while anyway!! he he.


Calen Maiava-Paris : I’d go buy the latest invisible clothes and walk through the square.