Location Report – Pre-Production of Tribe 5…

Yes, as you are now aware, Tribe 5 has been officially confirmed and as you read this things are hotting up in preparation for the filming of the latest series of your favourite show!

Planning and Scheduling

Once the first bullet points for the scripts are sent though then the planning can get underway.

The Executive in Charge of Production and the Producer start the planning and scheduling of the series.

They liaise with all he HOD’s (Heads of Department) the Assistant Directors, Production Managers, Art Department Managers, and the Script Editors to ensure that the upcoming production will run smoothly.

First of all the “look” of the series has to be met. This involves scouting Wellington for possible shooting locations that fit in with particular scenes in the show. Wellington is a great place to film because of the variety of landscapes within a 30km radius.

Depending on the location all sorts of other things need to be arranged like parking for the many crew vehicles, consents from council or property owners to use the location and availability of the location.

Once locations are found then a schedule needs to be made for the 4-5 months of filming. This includes which scenes are to shot first, what scenes should be shot together, cast availability throughout the series, whether to use one camera crew or two.

Art Department

The Art Department make the overall look of the show real. They build the sets, dress the sets and make something completely fake look completely real!

The Art Department have thousands and thousands of props to use – if they need something they get it.

During pre-production the Art Department break down the scripts into scenes and locations and thoroughly think over what will be needed by them for that scene. A scene might be filmed in an abandoned warehouse and it needs to look trashed and dilapidated. The Art Department get to work with mud, spraypaint, dirty rags and broken stuff.

A few weeks into pre-production the sets will start being built. Any interior scenes will be shot either in the Mall or in specially designed sets in the studio.

Production Department

The production department (Production Manager, Production Co-ordinator, Production Secretary, Production Assistant) are the organisers of all the stuff you might not think about. They organise the meals for everyone on set, they order Portaloo’s when the filming is taking place out in the middle of nowhere, they arrange for extra vehicles if they’re needed, they make up the callsheet’s for the day’s filming and work out the next few in advance. They are ready for any hiccups and keep everything running smoothly.

During pre-production they are “crewing” – The Production Manager and the Producer get together and decide how many people might be needed for the camera crew, the sound crew, etc. and find out who’s available to work for the next 4-5 months.

Script Department

Once the first scripts come in from the writers they are sent to the Script Department and formatted. The script department have the huge job of editing the dialogue and producing scripts for hundreds of crew and cast during the filming.

During pre-production the script department are editing and formatting and sometimes re-writing as ideas and plans change.

Join us soon for another Tribe 5 Location Report.