Location Report: Tribe 5 – Week 16

Tribe 5 has finished filming for 2003! …. BUT what happened in the last week of filming for Tribe 5?

You’ll find out below!!

Wow! 16 weeks have flown by and it’s amazing how fantastic Tribe 5 has been! The storylines are really going to blow you away and the new characters are great!

The scenes

96 scenes were filmed from Monday to Saturday last week, and this totalled over 144 minutes of shooting time.

The parallel unit were on four days last week including the weekend shoot.

Some unexpected returns this week by some characters gone but not forgotten.

The locations

Monday filming took place at both the studios.

Tuesday they filmed at the old Porirua Hospital.

Wednesday they were at the studios.

Thursday they filmed at Opera House Lane in central Wellington and at Queen Elizabeth Park up the Kapiti Coast.

Friday filming took place at Whitemans Valley.

Saturday filming was at the studio.
Make a start!

Every crew call this week was 7.30am!

The earliest pick up for our cast was 5.15am for James Napier on Wednesday.

The weather

Not the best weather last week but the filming was mostly inside so it didn’t matter!

Here’s the record of the weather in week 15 of the production:

Monday 24th FebruaryFine with northerlies
Tuesday 25th FebruaryCloudy with fine breaks
Wednesday 26th FebruaryCloudy periods with southeasterlies
Thursday 27th FebruaryCloudy period with southeasterlies continuing
Friday 28th FebruaryRain developing then easing but remaining dull
Saturday 1st MarchDrizzly rain for a time with southeast winds

Join us next week!

Stay Tribal and Keep the Dream Alive…