Location Report – Tribe Series 3 IS NOW UNDER WAY!

Tribe Series 3 starts shooting from 4th July 2000!

After weeks and weeks of planning, the actual production gets under way and will keep filming for almost six months until December 2000!

We`ll keep you informed regularly right here in Location Report with a weekly bulletin straight from Cloud 9`s studios in New Zealand advising what is happening.

Series 3 is another 52 x half-hour episodes (although some countries will show this as 26 x 1-hour episodes) which brings the total Tribe episodes up to 156 half-hours.

What will happen? How will the cliffhanging end of Series 2 storylines be resolved?

Well – we can`t say for now. All the storylines are top secret and no details will be revealed until Series 3 starts showing on television screens later this year.

But the next best thing is hearing from the production where Series 3 is being made – and on with the show…!

All the principal cast are now in Wellington at Cloud 9`s cast houses staying with chaperones and houseparent teams.

Last week the cast read through the first few scripts and learned their lines of dialogue to prepare for the scenes that are to be filmed this week.

The cast have also had fittings with the Wardrobe Department and Hair and Make-up to prepare the costumes they will wear when filming, and to have their hair designed and make-up applied. Some of the cast have had their hair re-dyed to get back their “Tribal” look.

“It`s been really good to catch up with everybody” says Jennyfer Jewell (ELLIE), “especially the cast members who live in Auckland, who we don`t get to see normally” (Jennyfer lives in the Wellington region).

The cast have had some get-togethers away from the studio to catch up with each other on what everyone has done during the break between filming series 2 and 3. On Sunday the cast had a roast dinner at one of the Cloud 9 houses and watched a video.

“It`s not fair!” says Jennyfer Jewell (ELLIE), “all the little ones are getting bigger than me! For example, Jaimee (CHLOE) is nearly as big as me and Sarah (PATSY) has really shot up!”.

On the weekend Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) and Caleb Ross (LEX) were guests at the New Zealand Film Awards ceremony held in Wellington.

There are also some brand new cast members who join the existing Tribe cast. Are they goodies or baddies in Series 3? Only time will tell…

All the Cloud 9 team are ready after the successful Studio Open Day. There is a brand new Café at the Cloud 9 studios called “Take 9” where the cast and team can enjoy some great lunches – and breakfasts – and dinners!

So everyone in the cast and Cloud 9 team are ready to rumble – and Series 3 is underway.

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