Location Report – Tribe Series 3 Week 1 production news

We`ve got the first two world exclusive photos taken from Tribe 3 – and latest info on the production below…

Tribe Series 3 is into its second week of principal photography from Monday 10th July – only another 25 weeks to go!

What happened in the first week of production and what is happening now? Read on…

1. The first day of shooting Series 3 was on Tuesday 4th July. It was an early start for the cast and crew and the scenes scheduled for the day were interior studio scenes at Cloud 9`s studios.

2. For the rest of the week there was a series of parallel shooting days where there were two production units – each unit would shoot on the same day but film in different locations. The cast were ferried back and forth between the two production units depending on which scenes they were in.

3. Some locations filmed at during the first week included an old abandoned college, deserted city streets, parks, gardens, some beautiful hills, a radar station/observatory, and some secret locations that can`t be revealed! The furthest location was approximately 29 km from the Cloud 9 Studios.

4. What is this picture (above) all about? Well you may recognise Trudy, the “Superior Mother” (to the Chosen Tribe).

Well on her right (left of her in the photo) is the world`s first picture of a brand new character who appears in Series 3 – we can`t reveal too much for now but let us reveal his name – Leiutenant Luke. You`ll be seeing a lot more of him in the near future…

5. It is winter right now in New Zealand (upside down to the Northern Hemisphere`s summer) and gets light around 07.15 am with sunset around 17.15 pm each day.

6. The earliest Crew Call (when the production team must be at the studio or location) was 07.15 am but some members of the cast and production team were on location at 05.30 am – and had to be up around 04.00 am!

7. Many familiar faces from the main cast of the Tribe are back for Series 3 – we can`t reveal any details for now as the storylines are top secret, but there are some brand new faces who will be appearing in Tribe 3 – as well as the return of some characters and cast who have been in the Tribe previously – more on this soon…

8. During breaks in production members of cast have returned to the Cloud 9 studios for their schooling. Many cast members have important exams this year and have to keep up with their school and college work between filming.

9. And the weather in week 1 of production? For the record it was:

  • Tuesday 4th July – sunny spells
  • Wednesday 5th July – cloudy with sunny outbreaks
  • Thursday 6th July – showers with gusty northerlies
  • Friday 7th July – cloudy periods with occasional light showers
  • Saturday 8th July – this was a day off for the cast and crew
  • Sunday 9th July – since Monday 3rd July was a day off, this was a shooting day and the weather was mostly fine with sun all day
  • More news and exclusives next week!