Location Report – Tribe Series 3 – Week 16 Production News

Tribe Series 3 is now into week 17 of principal photography from Monday 30th October- Series III in the UK is less than a month away – BUT what happened last week in week 16 of the production?

The crew had one week off from 16th-21st October to refresh themselves and so there was no location report last week.

You’ll find out below…

More exclusive photos!

Here are some exclusive photos of The Tribe etc.

What do you think of Tai-Sans new look?? (taken at the Soil Bureau)

The scenes

This week there were no Parallel Days, so there was only one crew at a time shooting. 49 scenes were shot last week, totaling 50 minutes of shooting time.

The locations

There was only the one location day last week, on Thursday, in which the cast and crew were filming at 3 different locations – a scrap metal yard, a railway station, and an old Soil Research Bureau.

This is a great silhouette shot taken in the subway at the a local railway station.

Lots of extras were required for this location day and the Channel 5 Winners also had a big day on set as extras and guest cast.

This photo shows Director John Reid arranging people for a scene at the Soil Bureau.

Make a start

The earliest Crew Call was 7.30am. `Crew` includes Lighting, Grips and Directors, Continuity, and Camera. Unit, Makeup and Wardrobe have much earlier calls similar to that of the cast calls. The earliest call for our cast was 05.45am for Dwayne Cameron – BRAY, on Thursday. The lucky cast member with the latest pick up this week was Laura Wilson – MAY with a 10.35am pickup.


We had a hot but often windy week. Mostly the sun was shining which meant it was great for the Channel 5 Winners who didn`t have to put up with any cold weather.

Here’s the record of the weather in week 16 of the production:

  • Tuesday 10th Oct – Dry, cloudy periods. Gusty northerlies.
  • Wednesday 11th Oct – Cloudy northerlies then late showers, then southerlies developing.
  • Thursday 12th Oct – Cloudy skies. Light winds. A few drizzle patches.
  • Friday 13th Oct – Cloud and fine breaks with northerly winds.
  • This photo of Alice was taken at the train station in the subway.

    See you again next week…

    Keep the Dream Alive…