Location Report – Tribe Series 3 – Week 15 Production News

Tribe Series 3 is now into week 16 of principal photography from Monday 16th October- Series III in the UK is almost only a month away – BUT what happened last week in week 15 of the production?

You’ll find out below…

Here are some exclusive photos of The Tribe etc.

The scenes

This week there were two Parallel Days. Monday and Tuesday were both shot at the studio between Studio 12A and 12B. Wednesday and Thursday were also in the studio but Friday was in the underground carpark of the studios. 60 scenes were shot last week, totalling 57 minutes of shooting time.

The locations

There was only the one location day last week in which the cast and crew were filming took place in the Film Unit underground carpark (“on location” even though it is part of the Cloud 9 Studio area). We had a real drama on Friday, the power for most of the Lower Hutt area was out and filming was interrupted for about 6 hours. We did have a generator backup that could power half the building but the power eventually came back on at about 5.00pm.

Look what our crew have to get up to!

Make a start

The earliest crew call was 7.45am and this was for every day last week. The earliest call for our cast was 06.05am Vanessa Stacey – Alice, on Monday. The lucky cast member with the latest pick up this week was Damon Andrews  The Guardian with a 13.30pm pickup.


We had another week of unpredictable weather a lot of rain for most of the week but we had a reasonably sunny day on Friday, which was good because having no power meant the temperature in the building plummeted but it was a warm day so it all turned out O.K.

Here¹s the record of the weather in week 14 of the production:

  • Monday 9th Oct  Northerlies return with strong gusts in the afternoon and evening.
  • Tuesday 10th Oct – Mainly fine with northerly breezes.
  • Wednesday 11th Oct – Rain and strong northerlies.
  • Thursday 12th Oct  Showery cold southerlies, conditions slowly easing.
  • Friday 13th Oct  Showers clearing early in the day. Southerlies easing further.
  • Here`s a cute photo I thought you might enjoy.

    See you again next week…

    Keep the Dream Alive…