Location Report – Tribe Series 3 – Week 18 Production

Tribe Series 3 is now into week 18 of principal photography from Monday 06th November- Series III in the UK is only two weeks away – BUT what happened last week in week 17 of the production?

You’ll find out below…

More exclusive photos!

Here’s K.C with a fellow cast mate!

The scenes

This week there were no Parallel Days, so there was only one crew at a time shooting. 49 scenes were shot last week, totaling 48 minutes of shooting time.

The locations

There was only the one location day last week, on Friday, in which the cast and crew were filming at 3 different locations – the City Waterfront, Duxton Hotel Rooftop, and Opera House Lane.

Caleb and Michelle can still enjoy a laugh even when they’re outside in the rain!!.

Filming on the rooftop of a building that is 10 storeys high and has no railing around the edge can be quite daunting. Everyone though just takes it in their stride.

Make a start

The earliest Crew Call was 6.00am. `Crew` includes Lighting, Grips and Directors, Continuity, and Camera. Unit, Makeup and Wardrobe have much earlier calls similar to that of the cast calls. The earliest call for our cast was 04.40am for Michelle Ang – TAISAN, on Friday. The lucky cast member with the latest pick up this week Caleb Ross – LEX with a 14.20pm pickup.


The first half of the week was rather wet with a few showers in amongst some fine spells. Thursday and Friday were much better with mostly fine weather and light winds.

Here’s the record of the weather in week 16 of the production:

  • Monday 30th October – Cloud & fine breaks, a few late showers.
  • Tuesday 31st October – A few showers. Southerlies later.
  • Wednesday 1st November – Brief showers with an early southwest change.
  • Thursday 2nd November – Morning cloud clearing and becoming fine with light winds.
  • Friday 3rd November – Mostly fine and sunny with light winds.
  • This photo is of some of the cast and crew having lunch. How many cast members can you see?

    See you again next week…

    Keep the Dream Alive…