Location Report – Tribe Series 3 – Week 19 Production

Tribe Series 3 is now into week 20 of principal photography from Monday 20th November- Series III in the UK has started – We hope you enjoyed the first episode! – BUT what happened last week in week 19 of the production?

You’ll find out below…

More exclusive photos!

These photos are of Jennyfer Jewell and a fan from the Shopping Mall performances.

The scenes

This week there were again no Parallel Days, but there were several locations used and several publicity tours. 65 scenes were shot last week, totaling 54 minutes of shooting time.

The locations

There was three location days last week, Monday, Tuesday and Friday. The cast and crew were filming at Belmont Regional Park, our studio carpark and the local Riverside.

This photo is from Belmont Regional Park, and shows the crew and the set shots for the day.

The location days were busy with approximately 60 extras being involved in shooting in the studio carpark. They all looked stunning in their costumes/hair/makeup, and they got to enjoy their lunch by the pool, lucky the weather at that time was sunny!!

Thursday, the cast were again out at North City Plaza promoting the album and performing their dance routines.

Saturday, the cast took part in the Wellington Xmas Parade much to the delight of an estimated 80,000 people. The locos Police car toured the parade route with cast members in it, on scooters, rollerblades and walking alongside handing out various Tribe items.

Sunday, the cast performed at Westfield Queensgate Mall in Lower Hutt (home of the Tribe) in aid of charity where the mall was especially opened for special shopping and celebrity apearances.

And so it was a very very busy week for all the cast and crew.

Make a start

The earliest Crew Call was 7.30am. The earliest call for our cast was 05.25am for Jennyfer Jewell – ELLIE, on Tuesday location day. The lucky cast member with the latest pick up this week Dwayne Cameron – BRAY with a 3.50pm pickup.


The weather this week again was overcast and windy.

Here’s the record of the weather in week 18 of the production:

  • Monday 13th November – Dry & settled with light winds.
  • Tuesday 14th November – Fine with cloudy periods. A few showers possible later. Southwest winds.
  • Wednesday 15th November – Colder with showers & gusty southerlies.
  • Thursday 16th November – Cloudy with showers & southerlies developing. Skies clearing in afternoon.
  • Friday 17th November – Mainly fine apart from a few cloudy periods. Northwest winds.
  • Exclusive photo of an outside set at the Cloud 9 Studios, it is a playground as you can see by all the brilliant styles and colours.

    See you again next week…

    Keep the Dream Alive…