Location Report – Tribe Series 3 – Week 22 Production

Tribe Series 3 is now into week 22 of principal photography from Monday 4th December – Series III in the UK is well into screening – We hope you are getting hooked on it! – BUT what happened last week in week 21 of the production?

You’ll find out below…

More exclusive photos!
You can see JACK and CLOE by the river and this was taken at the Golf Course location.

The scenes

This week there was a Parallel Filming Day on Friday, but filming was taking place only in the studio, just on both sides. Again this week was filled with publicity and promotional tours including the Auckland Christmas Parade/Civic Square Performance/Special Needs Xmas Party and Cast and Crew were working at several. 56 scenes were shot last week, totaling 50 minutes of shooting time.

The locations

There was three location days last week, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday where the cast and crew were filming at Te Marua Golf Course, Whiteman`s Valley Farm, a Building Plant, and Automotive Plant and a Gas Plant.

The cast & crew had to cross the river by a scaffold bridge for filming.

The location day at the Farm only required three actors for the day but the location day at the Building/Auto/Gas Plants had almost 100 actors and extras involved, a busy day for everyone!

The weekends activities for Cast included yet another Xmas parade, a CD signing, and Sunday was the `wrap` get together/family outing for all employees of Cloud 9.

Here you can see what the camera crew have to do for a scene with JACK.

Make a start

The earliest Crew Call was 7.00am. The earliest call for our cast was 05.30 for Beth Allen – AMBER and Meryl Cassie – EBONY. The lucky cast members with the latest pick up this week Nick Miller – PRIDE and Caleb Ross – LEX with a 12.50pm pickup.


The weather this week was getting generally better.

Here’s the record of the weather in week 21 of the production:

  • Monday 27th November – Cloudy northerlies.
  • Tuesday 28th November – Rain and strong gusty northerlies. Colder southerlies later with showers.
  • Wednesday 29th November – Drizzly rain and southeast winds.
  • Thursday 30th November – Becoming fine. Southerlies dying away.
  • Friday 1st December – Mainly fine, sunny and warmer. Northerlies freshening.
  • Filming at BOC Gas Plant had some animals featuring which you can see here being looked after in between scenes in heir cage.

    See you again next week…

    Keep the Dream Alive…