Location Report – Tribe Series 3 Week 3 production news

Tribe Series 3 is now into its forth week of principal photography from Monday 24th July – but what happened last week in week 3 of the production?

You`ll find out below…

More exclusive Series 3 photos!

Okay – here is the first exclusive Amber returns snapshot from Tribe 3 production. The picture was taken last week in New Zealand and as you can see Amber is alive and well. Where has she been? Why haven`t the Mall Rats seen her? What`s going on?

The scenes

Once again there`s been alot of parallel days, which means the Tribe crew are split into two groups and shooting at two different locations.

The locations

Some of the exterior locations/scenes shot in week 2 included city streets, a park, and of course the Mall plus there were a couple of secret locations that we can`t reveal (in case they give some crucial storylines away).

The furthest location was 23 kilometres from the Cloud 9 Studios.

Make a start

The earliest crew call was 07.30 am – but some crew members had to be there at 05.30 am! The earilest call for our cast was poor ol` Ashwath Sundaresan (DAL) who had a 5.55am pick up.


Winter still looms over NZ but it`s getting warmer and brighter each day. Sunrise is now around 07.40 am and sunset is not until 17.15 pm.

Here`s the record of the weather in week 3 of the production:

  • Monday 17th July – Rain becoming wide spread with south-easterly winds, 14C
  • Tuesday 18th July – Showers easing, about 15C
  • Wednesday 19th July – Cloudy at times with sunny breaks, dry, about 13C
  • Thursday 20th July – Drizzly rain, about 14C
  • Friday 21st July – Rain clearing, about 15C
  • More next week…