May Series Series 2, 3, 4 and 5
Tribe The Mallrats


If one word sums May up it is “survivor”. May is determined to survive in the new world and will do whatever is necessary to do so – and her “me, me, me” attitude sometimes annoys other Mall Rats.

But May is more than a “survivor” – she also has a sensitive, sympatheic and compassionate side. May also has a sense of humour and good wit and enjoys verbal repartee. She feels lonely in life and is looking for a soulmate who she hopes will appreciate her good qualities…

Cast Member

Name Laura Wilson Birthday 26th January 1983

Interests Laura likes going to the cinema, partying, snowboarding and shopping.

Laura was a keen participant in school drama and with many lead roles she progressed into stage. She had a lead role in A Comedy of Errors – part of the Sheilah Wynne Shakespeare Festival.

Laura made her film debut in “Choice” an educational film made by Little White Cloud Productions where she had a lead role.

Since her recurring guest role in The Tribe Series II she has become core cast in Series III and IV and also had a lead role in Cloud 9’s – Atlantis High.