Ned, Tally and Andy Pre Tribe – Part 1

Ned was brought up in a poor suburb of town called Newton. Ned¹s parents, Nina and John were simple people with simple lives. Nina and John both worked at the local school, Nina as a cleaner and John was the caretaker.

They had met many years ago when they both attended that same school. It was ironic that they both ended up working there so many years on.

They both enjoyed their jobs, they were loyal to the school and the community they lived in.
Ned attended the school when he was five but he was a quiet child that didn¹t make friends easily. He wasn¹t the brightest child and often he¹d get picked on.

Unexpectedly when Ned was eight, Nina became pregnant again. Nina and John hadn¹t planned on any more children but these things happen and they were excited when they learned they were having twins.

Ned wasn¹t sure how to feel. He¹d always been the only child in the family and deep down he didn¹t want that to change. He was extremely jealous of the new arrivals to the family, Tally and Andy.

As the twins grew up Ned being the older brother thought he could boss them around. He¹d been bullied at school and felt he had some power over his siblings that he¹d never been able to have before.

But the twins weren¹t fooled by him. They worked together and found out they could quite easily manipulate their older brother and he¹d be none the wiser.

While the twins plotted against Ned, Ned plotted against the twins. It was a love-hate relationship.
When the virus started to take hold of the city, Ned and the twins were reminded by their parents that they would be the only ones left. For their own sake they should stick together and look after each other. At the time they didn¹t really listen.

One morning both Nina and John had to be taken to hospital. They were deteriorating quickly. Ned, Tally and Andy said their goodbyes before their parents came to an end.

Ned took charge and found himself being quite protective of his younger brother and sister. He took them back to the house to devise a plan.