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News: 10th August 2001

MEET & GREET Tribe IV cast and crew!!!

Thursday night – 9th August saw a wee ‘huili’ (otherwise known as party) going on at Cloud 9! New cast were introduced to the rest of the Cloud 9 cast and crew and everyone mingled in party-like style! It was great to catch up with all the cast members from previous series who are returning for Series IV.

It’s going to be a fantastic new series with a whole new style and ‘look’ for cast members! The storylines will grab your attention as they never have before. So fasten your seatbelts, get ready for Tribe IV to take-off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Series IV latest UPDATES – 3 days to go until filming for Series IV starts

Kelly Stevenson – the new cast member from the UK arrived in Wellington last Friday evening and is settling into ‘kiwi’ life! There is one week for preparations before she starts straight into life on the Tribe Series IV!

Other cast members, both old and new will be arriving this week, and visiting the Studios for preparation of wardrobe and make-up.

The Phoenix Mall has been completely overhauled with paint, graffiti, furniture and props. Sine Series III finished the studio was used for several scenes in Cloud 9’s last production – Atlantis High. But now, it is back to how it was at the end of Series III

Stay tuned for more gossip and maybe some sneak pictures of new and old cast members!

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