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News: 14th August 2001

Series IV latest UPDATES – Filming has started!!

Check out this map of Tribeworld?? Would make it a close up but it might give away some future storylines!!!!!!

Filming for Series IV has finally started this week. All is running smoothly but is very hectic. There are two units(parallel units) running at the same time to cover the vast amount of footage scheduled for Series IV.

Upon wandering around the studio area for a sneaky peek at the goings-on you can hear the excitement coming from all the cast members as they reunite back together for another 6 months of filming.

There were happy laughs coming from make-up as Michael Wesley Smith (JACK) zooms in from school in time for some scenes. Meryl Cassie was seen giving a hug to someone she hasn’t seen in a long while and Caleb Ross was wandering the hallway chatting to other cast and crew in between scenes!

More to tell you as the time goes by!!!! Stay tuned for more gossip and maybe some sneak pictures of new and old cast members!

MAJOR ALERT – Users of the UBB – you have about 24 hours!!

The UBB is shifting to a new server and all posts will be lost. So if you want to keep any posts, you need to save them right away!!!!!!

However nothing else will change dring the shift, all formats and settings will be exactly the same.

Don’t forget to SAVE SAVE SAVE.

Series IV – Who is the hot pink chick!!

Sneak Previews of UK Tribe fan and latest addition to the main cast – Kelly Stevenson coming soon!!!!!!!!

What character does she play? What Tribe is she from? Is she a goodie or a baddie? Is she a leader? Who will be her love interest? What costume is she going to have?

Last weeks location report saw a picture of Kelly with bleached hair, ready for main dye to a new colour! We can confirm to you that it is now HOT PINK! Check out the photo with it in the dying process!!!

Smashing photos coming soon of this fabulous new look of Kelly’s!

And following, will be interviews on her first impressions, her first week of filming, what she thinks of her new hair colour when she goes out in Wellington and much much more!!!

Fasten your seatbelts for some hot new info, as hot as her hair colour!!!!!!

Who visited Cloud 9?

Lucky Tribe fan Will Isaacs (Maryland, USA) visited Cloud 9 studios for a tour while he was over here on vacation this week. However, he politely asked if he could stay for longer than the tour since it was first day of filming.

He really wanted to see some filming and meet some of his favourite cast members. Well, did we have a treat in store for him?!

Upon his arrival, we asked how long he was able to stay, and proceeded to tell him that he could be used as an extra for the day, and would get to ‘hang out’ in the cast green room and have lunch with them also!

Check out Will Isaacs, transformation from major Tribe fan, to Tribe star for a day!

For more details, including photos, and his thoughts of the day, checkout the latest Location Report.

What is new in Tribeworld?

Have you seen everything on Tribeworld this week? It is packed full of hot gossip and feature articles. If you happen to miss anything, why not try searching in the archive sections of each page. Otherwise check out the what is new page which lists the latest articles.