Tribe News

News: 10th October 2005

The New Tomorrow
Cloud 9’s latest series The New Tomorrow is screening in Australia and the United Kingdom and there are a lot of fans talking about it on the bulletin board!

You can catch The New Tomorrow on Seven in Australia every Saturday from 11.00-12.00pm and on FIVE in the UK every Sunday at 11.05am! Don’t miss it!

The website for the series is now live so take a look and find out about this fantastic new series!

The Tribe in America!
The Tribe series has gone into syndication in America! This means that the series will be going directly to local stations for broadcast. The series is now screening all over America. CLICK HERE to visit the new website and find out which station is broadcasting near you! The USA site is full of series 1 information –
We are slowly bringing back all the forums and starting the board nice and fresh again. The New Tomorrow now has it’s own bulletin boardHERE. And The Tribe USA site will also have it’s own bulletin board in a couple of days. We’re sorry that we could not recover all the information from the last board but it will be a nice clean board and we will be loading more styles for you to choose form. Click here to visit Cloud 9 forums.

The Tribe DVD in The Netherlands
The first series of The Tribe has been released in The Netherlands and they’re flying out the store! There have been lots of competitions and exclusive interviews in all the local magazines so if you haven’t already got yourself a copy – get in quick!