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News: 11th JANUARY 2000

A new year, a new news!

We hope you all had a great Christmas holiday – and happy New Year!

Many of you will be back at school, college or work and the cast and Cloud 9 team have also finished their holidays and are back at the Cloud 9 production centre to resume filming of Tribe Series 2.

The Tribeworld website team are back at their computers (thankfully the Y2K bug did not strike – yet!) and there is going to be loads of new things to check out in the weeks ahead on Tribeworld…

Be a Mall Rat

If you have entered any of the competitions on Tribeworld in the Club section – and the Official Tribe Fan Club competitions – then you will be in with a chance for the overall grand prize of a visit to New Zealand to meet the Tribe.

Every prizewinner (including runners-up) from all the Tribe competitions will go into a hat in a few weeks time. Then, one lucky winner will be picked at random by a member of cast and the winner will get the overall prize of a trip to New Zealand. The overall winner will fly to the Cloud 9-production centre, have a tour of Cloud 9’s studios, visit the mall where the Mall Rats live, see locations, and meet members of cast.

Apart from the fun in meeting the Tribe and seeing where the Tribe is filmed, New Zealand itself is a beautiful country with lovely locations (many of which are used in the Tribe) and the overall winner will no doubt enjoy seeing some of the country (but the flight from London, for example, is about 30 hours in total of flying time – New Zealand and Europe are the other side of the world!).

Somebody WILL win the prize in a few weeks time. We will announce when the draw is to be held soon. Remember, to be in with a chance you must be a prize-winner from any of the Tribeworld or Fan Club competitions – so why not enter these competitions today and you might find yourself being a Mall Rat later in the year! That’s what we call Y2K OK!

New competition

Right now there is a new competition in the CLUB section that you can enter with some cool prizes! We are also announcing the winners of the last competition.

Members of the Fan Club can also enter some special Fan Club competitions by checking the Fan Club news section of CLUB/Fan Club.

Michael Wesley-Smith (JACK)

You might have already heard the audio interviews in the Club/Downloads/Clips section of Tribeworld with Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) and Caleb Ross (LEX).

We are pleased to advise that the next member of cast to be interviewed is Michael Wesley-Smith (JACK).

Michael will be interviewed in a few days time and his interview will be available on Tribeworld as an audio download in QuickTime and Real Audio versions.

We need you to make this happen! As with Caleb Ross and Dwayne Cameron’s interviews, we would like to invite fans and viewers to send in the questions that Michael will be asked.

What’s it like being Jack? Does Michael have any clues as to what happens in future episodes? What’s it like being in the Tribe? What’s it like being Michael Wesley-Smith?

If you have a question for Michael, please send it to us at and in a few days time, a member of the Cloud 9 team will interview Michael with the questions!

Bulletin Board news

The cast do not have an opportunity this week to appear on the Bulletin Board – but we are speaking with the Cloud 9 production team about the availability of the next member of cast to appear on the Bulletin Board live and exclusive.

We will know who the next cast member is in a few days and will make an announcement on Monday 10th January 2000.

Welcome to new Tribe countries!

We would like to welcome all new viewers and fans who are tuning in to the Tribe across the USA. Many American fans have joined the Fan Club in the CLUB section and emailed us over the Christmas holidays – welcome! The Tribe is being shown seven days a week in the USA.

We would also like to welcome new viewers in Ireland (where the Tribe starts this month) and viewers in Germany (where the Tribe starts soon).

The Tribe is being shown all around the world and we’ll have news on some other new countries that start transmission, as well as information about transmission times in countries showing the Tribe, very soon.

Tribeworld Free e-mail service

Due to popular request from many of the emails received over the Christmas holidays, we are advising some more details about the free Tribeworld e-mail service, where you can have a free email address ending in

If you would like to sign up with the free Tribeworld web-based email, you need to register by visiting the SIGN UP HERE part of the service on

Once you have signed up, you can then use the free-service immediately.

It might be a good idea as a tip to bookmark the page on as this is the page you need to then check your emails by logging in.

We hope you enjoy it!

Picture this

Many of you have emailed us during the Christmas holidays about the picture that appears for a few seconds on the home page when you visit

A new picture is added each week – the latest picture is of the Tribe cast.

The picture loads while the rest of the site downloads. If you have a quick modem connection and find that the rest of Tribeworld loads before the picture (perhaps you only see a bit of the picture and not all of it) then we would suggest this…

Windows/PC users – when you visit, press a right click on your mouse with the cursor over the picture on the home page. You can then choose “Show Picture” and this forces your browser to load the rest of the picture. You can then save the picture as desktop wallpaper by right-clicking and “saving as wallpaper”. To get to the main Tribeworld site, you will need to refresh the page/visit again.

Macintosh users – when you visit, hold down your mouse button with the cursor over the picture on the home page. You can then choose “Open image in New Window” and this forces your browser to load the rest of the picture in a new window. You can then save the picture as desktop wallpaper by holding down your mouse button and “saving as wallpaper”. To get to the main Tribeworld site, you will need to refresh the page/visit again


For viewers in New Zealand – The Tribe Gathering News

We are advising viewers in New Zealand that the Tribe Gathering that as originally scheduled for the first week of February 2000 has been put back. This is due to circumstances outside Cloud 9’s control due to the venue where the Gathering was due to be held.

An alternative venue is being arranged and the Gathering will take place later on in the year. Members of cast will be appearing to chat with fans and viewers and there will also be some other celebrities. We will advise New Zealand viewers of the revised date and time for the Gathering as soon as we can.

For viewers in New Zealand – magazine competition to be in the Tribe

New Zealand fans and viewers may be interested to know that the magazine Girlfriend has run a competition where the lucky winners will visit the Cloud 9 production centre and be in the Tribe on a day’s shooting! For more details, check out the magazine.

Cast news

Loads of emails and letters were received addressed to the cast during the Christmas period, and on behalf of the entire cast, thank you to everybody who sent letters – and Christmas cards.

The cast have been unable to respond so far because they were all away on their Christmas break. The cast are now back at the production centre for Tribe Series 2 and will do the very best they can to answer letters and emails, so please be patient as the cast are going as quickly as they can with their production schedule on Tribe Series 2.