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News: 17th December 1999 – CHRISTMAS special news!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Tribe!

The Tribe cast and Cloud 9 team have now finished for their Christmas holidays – and production of Tribe 2 will resume from January 7th 2000.

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope you have a nice Christmas break!

There are some special Christmas and New Years things to check out on Tribeworld during the Christmas holidays…

Exclusive Christmas/Millennium Downloads

Before the cast left the Cloud 9 production centre for their Christmas holidays, they recorded their thoughts about Christmas and the Millennium/New Year and these are now available as downloads! The cast were asked:

1. What will they do for the Christmas holidays this year?
2. Is there anything they want for a present?
3. What is the best Christmas gift they have ever given someone?
4. What is the best Christmas gift they have ever received?
5. What is their favourite Christmas song?
6. Do they have a favourite Christmas film?
7. We also asked them to describe a New Zealand Christmas – as fans in Europe may be interested to know that it is SUMMER in New Zealand during Christmas and hot – very different to the winter and cold in Europe during Christmas!
8. What does the Millennium mean to them?

You can hear what the cast answered to these questions by visiting the Clips part of the Downloads section, and we hope you enjoy them! There are quicktime and real media versions available for these audio files – and some Christmas pictures too!

11 cast members answered – Ashwath Sundaresan (DAL), Ari Boyland (KC), Antonia Prebble (TRUDY), Caleb Ross (LEX), Dwayne Cameron (BRAY), Ryan Runciman (RYAN), Victoria Spence (SALENE), Meryl Cassie (EBONY), Sarah Major (PATSY), Jennyfer Jewell (ELLIE) and Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu (CLOE). Other members of cast could not answer due to their filming schedules on Tribe Series 2.

Christmas Holiday Video downloads

We also have four video downloads available when the cast answered the following questions:

1. What is Christmas like for the Tribe cast in New Zealand?
2. Who gets the most fan mail out of the Tribe cast?
3. Do you have a message for users of Tribeworld?
4. What happens in Series 2 – can you give a sneaky preview?

You can watch these four video downloads by visiting the Clips part of the Downloads section, and we hope you enjoy them! There are quicktime versions available.

Five Christmas Carols, 5 more downloads!

On 13th December 1999, some cast members (as others were shooting scenes) recorded five Christmas carols:

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Jingle Bells
Silent Night
Twelve Days of Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas

They were performed by Caleb Ross (LEX), Victoria Spence (SALENE), Meryl Cassie (EBONY), Ari Boyland (KC), Michelle Ang (TAI-SAN), Ella Wilks (DANNI) and Jennyfer Jewell (ELLI).

You can check out some Christmas holiday photos and hear the five carols by visiting the Clips part of the Downloads section, and we hope you enjoy them! There are quicktime and real media versions available for these audio files.

Two Fan Club competitions about the Christmas Carols

Members of the Official Tribe Fan Club may also be interested in entering two special competitions that are about these five Christmas carols – for more details, check out the Fan Club News in the Fan Club section of CLUB.

Exclusive Caleb Ross (LEX) Interview

In December 1999, Caleb Ross was interviewed at the Cloud 9 production centre in New Zealand during a break from filming Tribe Series 2. The questions he was asked were those sent in by fans and viewers – thank you to everyone who sent in a question!

To hear what Caleb has to say about being Lex and girlfriends, visit the Clips part of the Downloads section. There are quicktime and real media versions available for the interview and some never before seen pictures of Caleb/Lex!

Another cast member will be interviewed in January – more details will be posted on the main website in early January.

New photos – desktop wallpaper – and E-cards!

Also in the Downloads section on Tribeworld, there are some brand new photos imcluding many festive Christmas and New year images.

On Downloads/Photos, there are 25 new photos from Tribe Series 1 and Series 2 that can be downloaded.

In Downloads/Themes, there are some new desktop wallpaper pictures including cast members all celebrating Christmas in the last week of production before the Christmas holidays, and some cool group shots of all the cast members of the Tribe.

In Downloads/E-cards, there are some new Christmas and New year E-cards that can be emailed to your friends or family. And there are other new E-cards with cast group shots from Tribe Series 1 and Series 2.

Free Tribeworld email service

We are pleased to advise that there is a new free email service that you can access from any computer in the world hooked up to the Internet – AND your email address will end in!

To join Tribeworld email, you can click (it might be good to add this link to your favourites on your browser then you can easily check your Tribeworld email).

Contacting the Tribe and Cloud 9 Over the Christmas Holidays

It will still be possible during the Christmas break to send letters to the cast via BUT please bear in mind that since the cast will be off for Christmas and will not return until early January, that they will not be able to respond to any letters until January (as the cast will be at home with their families for Christmas).

The Fan Club staff will collect and file all letters and emails but you will not hear back from the cast until January.

Similarly, the Cloud 9 team are off on a well-deserved break too but will be back in action in early January, when you can expect a speedy response to all emails and letters.

Many of you have sent out Christmas cards to the cast – and thank you – you will be getting a special reply so check your post during the Christmas holidays.

Competition – win a trip to New Zealand to meet the Tribe!

Another reason to enter the competitions is that every prize-winner (including runners-up) of every competition on Tribeworld and The Official Tribe Fan Club will be entered into a draw in the New Year.

A lucky winner picked out of the hat will receive a GRAND PRIZE of a visit to New Zealand to meet the Tribe – and see where the Tribe is filmed, and meet the makers of the show. The prize winner might even star in the Tribe – fancy being a Loco?

This is a once in a lifetime trip (New Zealand viewers based out of Wellington may be interested in the chance to fly to Wellington to meet the Tribe cast and see the studio).

So far we have had over 50 prize-winners of competitions on the Tribeworld site and Fan Club. By January, there will be over 60 prize-winners (when we announce the winners of the new Christmas competition and competition in the CLUB section).

Someone will win the prize – and to be in with a chance, just enter one of the Tribeworld and Fan Club competitions!

What’s up? – the Chat Room is!

Yes, it’s true! If you visit Tribe Talk there are now two ways to chat with other fans and viewers around the world: a new Chat Room offers live and instantaneous chat. The existing Bulletin Board enables messages to be posted and replies made, and all messages on the Bulletin Board are saved.

In the New Year, cast memebrs will be appearing live and exclusive on the Chat Room AND the Bulletin Board. In the meantme, we hope you enjoy Tribe Talking!

For viewers in the UK – Don’t forget the first back-story episode on Boxing Day

As a reminder as we know many of you can’t wait to see what happens, Channel 5 in the UK will be broadcasting the first of the back-story episodes in Tribe Series 2 on Boxing Day 26th December.

The episode to be broadcast is a special that looks at how Bray, Trudy, Zoot and Ebony lived in the days before the virus – and how Zoot became Zoot, as well as a few surprises.

There are some sneaky preview pictures in the Pre-Tribe section of Tribeworld.