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News: 13th December 1999:

Beth Allen (AMBER) Tribe Talk news!

We are delighted to advise that we now have details about the date and time that Beth Allen (AMBER) will be appearing on Tribe Talk!

Firstly, Beth Allen will appear live and exclusive on Friday 17th December at 08.00 am NEW ZEALAND time.

Please note for fans in the UK that due to the time difference, this is 19.00 PM on Thursday 16th December UK time.

For viewers in Finland, this is 21.00 PM on Thursday 16th December Finland time.

For new viewers in the USA, this is 14.00 PM EST and 12.00 PM PST.

This will be Beth Allen’s first appearance on Tribe Talk and she joins the other cast members who have appeared so far including Caleb Ross (LEX), Dwayne Cameron (BRAY), Daniel James (ZOOT), Michael Wesley-Smith (JACK), Victoria Spence (SALENE), Michelle Ang (TAI-SAN) and Meryl Cassie (EBONY).

So, if you want to know what it’s like being AMBER – arguing with Ebony, and kissing BRAY – as well as leading the Mall Rats – then Beth Allen will be available to answer your questions.

We have some developments about the Chat Room (please see below) but PLEASE NOTE that Beth Allen will appear in the Tribe General Chat section of the Forum Index on Tribe Talk.

In future, cast members will appear live and exclusive on the Chat Room but for now, Beth Allen will use the Bulletin Board at Tribe Talk as has happened with other cast members so far. This is so users have the chance to read all messages posted during her appearance later on as the Bulletin Board keeps a record of all messages posted.

If you have not yet registered to use the Bulletin Board, you can do so by clicking Tribe Talk on the left of this page and then the Bulletin Board. You just need to choose a Username for yourself (to identify yourself) and a password will be sent to your email address. You need a password to use Tribe Talk and can change the password after you have Logged In to whatever you wish.

Please be patient when Beth Allen appears later this week. There are so many users who use Tribe Talk during cast appearances that it is impossible to speak with everyone at the same time! The cast really enjoy appearing and chatting with fans and viewers but if you do not get a response to your message quickly, please understand that there are hundreds of messages to answer at a time. The cast do their very best and please be patient.

If you want to put your questions to Beth Allen before her appearance, you can post messages on Tribe General Chat on the Forum Index at Tribe Talk and Beth will try to answer these questions first when she appears.

Bonus Competition and New Zealand Prize!

You may have noticed that there is a new competition on the website (in the Competition part of the CLUB section).

AND there is going to be ANOTHER competition going live this week that is a Christmas bonus. It has a Christmas theme and some very special prizes. This is part of the Christmas celebrations at Tribeworld and we hope you will have some fun entering! It will be on the Internet on Tribeworld in a day or two.

AND don’t forget that all the overall prize-winners and runners-up of the competitions on Tribeworld (and from Fan Club competitions) will go into a draw for a GRAND prize. So far we have had over 40 prize-winners of competitions on the Tribeworld site and Fan Club. By January, there will be over 50 prize-winners (when we announce the winners of the new Christmas competition and competition in the CLUB section).

One lucky winner will be picked at random in the new year 2000 and will get a GRAND prize of a trip to New Zealand to meet the Tribe! The prize-winner will visit Cloud 9’s production centre, see the Phoenix Mall studio and locations where the Tribe is filmed, meet some of the makers of the Tribe – and some of the stars in the show!

There will be more details about this competition next week but we just wanted to give you a taste!

Ho ho ho!

Well, it’s almost time isn’t it? Christmas is looming quickly over the horizon faster than Santa’s sleigh and the website team are putting the finishing touches to some special things that will appear on Tribeworld during the Christmas period.

We have some surprises lined up and hope you like the special Tribe things that will be on Tribeworld at the end of this week.

As a sneak preview, there are going to be some special interviews with ALL cast members that have been recorded in the last few days and the cast talk about what they are doing for Christmas. There might even be some new songs as downloads.

And it will be possible to send E-mail Tribe Christmas cards…

So watch this space…

That’s Chat

We are pleased to advise that the live and instant Chat Room is now live!

When you click on the Chat Room section of Tribe Talk soon, you will be taken to the new Chat Room. This offers instant and immediate chat – unlike the Bulletin Board, where messages are posted. When you use the Chat Room it will be possible to type in a message and instantly reply to others.

To use the Chat Room, you will need to register a Username and password, just as you do with the Bulletin Board.

We hope you enjoy the new Chat Room. It accompanies the existing Bulletin Board (which is useful as it keeps a record of all posts made).

For viewers in the UK – Boxing Day is Tribe Day

We are pleased to advise that Channel 5 in the UK will be broadcasting the first of the back-story episodes in Tribe Series 2 on Boxing Day 26th December.

The episode to be broadcast is a special that looks at how Bray, Trudy, Zoot and Ebony lived in the days before the virus.

There will be some sneaky previews on Pre-Tribe from Tuesday 14th December leading up to the broadcast on Boxing Day.

The whole STORE-y

You may know that the Tribe Store is now open and has some exclusive Fan Club goodies including posters, badges, T-shirts, mouse mats, and a Millennium video, and much more.

This is a quick note to advise that Fan Club members should have received an email by now with details about these special offers for the Official Tribe Fan Club. If you have not yet received your email, please contact and another email will be sent out.

We have received many emails from fans wondering how long these goodies will be on sale and are letting you know that these goods are not just for Christmas. They are the first of many Tribe goods and more will be available in Tribe Store in the New Year.

It’s the Holiday Season

The week starting Monday 13th December is the last working week for the cast and team now making Tribe Series 2.

Many of the website users will also be finishing up with their last working days at school, college or work before Christmas.

During the Christmas break, the cast and Cloud 9 team will be having a well-deserved break after a long period on Tribe Series 2 since July this year.

It will still be possible during the Christmas break to send letters to the cast via BUT please bear in mind that since the cast will be off for Christmas, they will not be able to respond to any letters until January (as the cast will be at home with their families for Christmas).

The Fan Club staff will collect and file all letters and emails but you will not hear back from the cast until January.

In January the cast and Cloud 9 team will return to the Cloud 9 production centre to resume activity on Tribe Series 2, which is due to complete shooting in February 2000, with the finished episode due to complete post-production in March 2000.

Tomorrow is another day

From Tuesday 14th December, there will be updates to the website for Plot Synopsis, a new Location Report, we are expecting some news from Tribemaster, and some new Pre-Tribe news.