Michael Wesley-Smith (Jack) on Childhood

Michael has a hard time being serious when answering our questionnaires so if his answers seem a little strange you know why…

What was your first memory?

Michael – Being hit by….

What was your favourite toy as a child?

Michael – My parents didn’t buy me toys. Nah really my toy cars were the best.

Any childhood illnesses or injuries?

Michael – None that the courts have permitted me to comment on.


Any scars from childhood accidents?

Michael – We can’t print Michael’s answer to this question!

Favourite birthday party?

Michael – All of them

Favourite birthday cake?

Michael – I had a cool robot one

Favourite holiday as a child?

Michael – Going to America and Ireland for six months in 1995

Favourite game as a child?

Michael – Hiding from my Mum and Dad

Do you remember your first day at school?

Michael – Yes… vaguely

Did you have many childhood parties?

Michael – A few – I didn’t have many friends

What did you like most about school?

Michael – Playtime

What was your favourite piece of clothing as a child?

Michael – My shorts made out of potato sacks.


Who was your first crush?

Michael – Rachel off FRIENDS.


What was your favourite subject at school?

Michael – Physical education

At what age did you learn to swim?

Michael – Five

Were you interested in sports?

Michael – Yip – soccer, cricket, golf

What did the tooth fairy leave you?

Michael -50¢ for any tooth

What was the most memorable thing that you learnt from a teacher?

Michael – Think before you speak

What was your first job?

Michael – Selling match sticks

Favourite children’s tv show?

Michael – The Simpsons

Favourite cartoon or movie?

Michael – Braveheart and Saving Private Ryan

Were you ever bullied?

Michael – No never. Cause I was always the biggest.
What were your hobbies as a child?

Michael – Soccer and cricket

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Michael – Policeman


The craziest thing you ever did as a child?

Michael – Ran into a glass door


Ay embarassing childhood photos?

Michael – There is one with me and my sister covered head to toe in food.