Tribe News

News: 6th December 1999

Exclusive! The next member of cast on Tribe Talk is – Beth Allen (AMBER)!


We are delighted to advise that the next member of cast who will appear live and exclusive on Tribe Talk is Beth Allen (AMBER)!!

As soon as details and arrangements have been finalised then we will advise a date and time with as much notice as possible as we are sure that many of you would love to join in Beth Allen’s appearance on Tribe Talk. We will advise on the main website here under News and in the Cloud 9 section of the Forum Index on Tribe Talk as soon as we have definitive news.

Michelle Ang appeared on Tribe Talk last week and enjoyed chatting with viewers worldwide. Unfortunately there was a computer problem with the Server (the main computer that hosts Tribeworld) that resulted in the Bulletin Board crashing for a time. This was very frustrating for all involved including Cloud 9 and Michelle Ang. The problem was fixed after a while and Michelle did spend a good hour chatting with fans and viewers. Computers do crash every so often but lightning does not normally strike the same place twice and the system should be running smoothly for the next cast appearance.

We hope that the Chat Room will be up and running for next week for Beth Allen’s appearance on Tribe Talk. The technical team are going through final checks to make sure it will work smoothly. The Chat Room will enable live and immediate chat, which offers many advantages. The Bulletin Board will continue as this is a very useful way to chat too. As soon as the Chat Room is ready to go up, you’ll find out here in News.


From Monday 6th December you may be interested in a new article in TribeStyle (in the LIFE section) that looks in depth at the making of the Tribe album earlier this year in New Zealand. The article includes interviews with members of cast, and with John Williams and Matt Prime, the songwriter-producers of the album. There are also exclusive photos of the cast recording the album that have never been seen before!

There will be a feature in TribeStyle next Monday that looks at the two Tribe music videos that were made in New Zealand for the songs “Abe Messiah” and “This is the place”. As many of you will know, you can listen to these songs via downloads in the Clips part of the Downloads section in CLUB on the Tribeworld website. We are speaking with Cloud 9 and hope to offer the actual music videos as downloads soon.

There is a new location report from New Zealand from Monday 6th December, the Who’s Who section has been expanded to include new characters from Tribe Series 2, and there is much more!

On Thursday 9th December UK time there will be more new content including a brand new competition (and the results of the existing competition) and new encyclopedia items in the GUIDE section – as well as a few surprises!!


On Saturday 4th December, the main cast from the Tribe performed live to an audience of over 4,000 people in Wellington, New Zealand.

This was a special charity event to help special and needy children for Christmas. The Tribe appeared and performed “Abe Messiah” and “This is the place”. They also met many members of the audience to chat and sign autographs and a fun time was had by all involved.

In the early part of the year 2000 the Tribe will perform live to an even bigger audience of over 25,000 people when they are involved in opening the new Westpac Sports Stadium in Wellington, New Zealand.

And also in the year 2000 is the world tour for the Tribe band – more to follow…


Feeling hungry? Well, fans in New Zealand may have noticed that the Tribe feature in the latest magazine issue of “Tearaway”, with a focus on Caleb Ross (LEX) and Meryl Cassie (EBONY). This is the magazine that is for teens and can be picked up in all MacDonalds restaurants in New Zealand as well as some schools. The magazine is read by well over 250,000 people and there is a nice picture on the front cover that would make a cool poster. Fans in the mood for fast food are going Tribal and developing Tribal appetites!


Hi! We would like to extend a warm welcome to new viewers who have started to watch The Tribe in the USA on the channel Encore. The Tribe started last week from December 1st and is being shown every day on Encore’s WAM channel. We are sure existing viewers in the UK, Finland, New Zealand and other countries would also like to welcome American viewers to the Tribe!


Well, there are only a couple of weeks left before people are off for the Christmas holidays. Turkey dinners. Christmas shopping. Festive movies. And Tribal surprises! We are planning on some great things for the Official Tribe Website at Christmas including interviews with cast members and new downloads as well as exclusive photos and new things to check out. So watch this space…


The Tribe Store is now open and has some exclusive Fan Club goodies including posters, badges, T-shirts, mouse mats, and a Millennium video, amongst much more. Members of the Fan Club should have received an email by now with details about these special offers for the Official Tribe Fan Club. If you have not yet received your email, please contact and another email will be sent out. The first Tribe fanzine magazine also has details about some of the Fan Club goodies, and if you have not yet received your fanzine then don’t worry as it should arrive in a few days time.


There are only a few more days left until Caleb Ross (LEX) is interviewed at the Cloud 9 production centre and his interview will be available as an audio download next week.

As with Dwayne Cameron’s interview, we would like to receive your questions that you might have for Caleb and these will be put to Caleb during his interview.

Loads of questions have already been sent in – thank you!

If you have something you would like to ask Caleb, there is still a chance and a few days left, and you can send us an email to