Tribe News

News: 12th January 2004


We hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and celebrated the start of the New Year. Keep checking in for the latest updates and we’ll be bringing you all your favourite news, gossip, competitions and more in the coming weeks.

Tribe Movie
There is always something happening here at Cloud 9 and now that the movie script is written it will be a busy year for us to get it up and away. We’ll keep you up to date on progress.

MIP TV Festival
MIP is coming up in the South of France in April and the Cumulus team will be there to sell the Tribe and other Cloud 9 products to buyers from all over the world.

Tribe on Tour
There is always demand for Tribe Tours and the cast are itching to get on a plane and head on over to meet up with you all. To help us plan such tours we need you.

Please get in touch with your local broadcaster and let them know that you want The Tribe to visit you.

They will then get in touch with us to tell us that there are lots of fans interested and we will work with the broadcaster to get a tour organised.

We are busy working on a new way for you to buy Tribal merchandise and hope to bring that to you very soon. Please bear with us as things like this do take a lot of planning and organising.

We are hoping that we will be able to bring the German books to more of you and are looking into the possibility of getting them translated and released to fans around the world.

Once again, please bear with us. As our work is really film production that is what we have to concentrate on first and foremost and then we can pay attention to the other important aspects such as merchandise, etc.

Series 2 on DVD
The second series of the Tribe is due to be released as a DVD and VHS boxset soon. The graphics have been locked off and production of the discs, etc. will be taking place in the next couple of months.

We will let you know a release date as soon as we know it ourselves and will also let you know if it will be available in NTSC format for North America – we are doing our best and will address that issue with the distribution team.

Tribe 6 and beyond
Once MIP is over we hope that Ray will be able to make an announcement regarding Tribe 6. He is committed to The Tribe and will do all he can to bring another series to fruition.

He is also working on other concepts and is in the process of developing new titles to add to the catalogue.


Tribe 5 in Germany!

Tribe 5 has started in Germany! You can catch it on KIKA every week day at 4:25pm.

The new characters are proving popular and it’s really taking off!

There are some great plot twists, some love triangles, interesting developments and a new town to keep you glued to your TV sets. Emotions run high in this series – are you ready for it?

Stay Tribal and Keep the Dream Alive…