Tribe News

News: 13th July 2001

Series IV Draft Scripts…Woohooo!!!

Can you believe it? This is huge news, there are some highly valuable draft scripts being read by some very lucky Cloud 9 people that tell us the beginnings of Series IV of the Tribe. Wow, can I tell you there is some serious action happening!!!

But guess what??? We can’t tell you! You will have to sit tight (and let me know you really will cos’ its gonna be awesome).

Fasten those seatbelts … and be ready to rock on to Tribe Series IV…coming soon…

KIKA – GERMANY – Series II about to show – Sprechen sie deutsch?

The official news is that KIKA will be showing Series II of the Tribe. There is no date set as yet for commencement of broadcast but the broadcast tapes have been dispatched and are currently in the process of being translated into German.

This is fantastic news, especially since it is less than 3 months since Series I started on KIKA.

Are you ready to rumble in Germany? Wait in anticipation and we will inform you of the broadcast date as soon as it can be made public.

Have you checked out the chatroom? GO TO IT..!

Its officially ready to rumble! The new Tribe chat room is up and running and already, there have been heaps of Tribe fans in there chatting to each other. Every so often the chatmaster visits the chatroom and chats with fans to see what they think of it. So far the feedback has been awesome so it looks like the chat room is here to stay.

Just remember fans, keep the content of messages appropriate. Please remember that this chatroom has been set up for fans of the Tribe of all ages, and we will not tolerate any swearing, discrimination or bullying of other fans on the internet.

Series IV latest UPDATES – What and who is’ happening’ on the Tribe?

Series IV starts principle photography on August 13, 2001. Fan club members are receiving exclusive updates on characters who are returning for the new series, so if you want to be the first to know who’s who and what’s what, then join here.

You all saw the huge climax to Series IV with a plane hovering overhead, sky jumpers from a strange and unknown tribe, Amber and Bray being banished from the city with Amber in labour, and much more.

Who else is returning you ask??? We have confirmed so far the return of Meryl Cassie (EBONY), Beth Allen (AMBER), Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu (CLOE), Caleb Ross (LEX), Antonia Prebble (TRUDY).

Well this week’s ‘leak’ on who is returning is none other than the fantastic JACK. Yes it’s true! Michael Wesley-Smith will be returning as JACK in Series IV. Of course he has been away, back and away again?? BUT he will be back and better than ever as the red headed JACK for Series IV.

Stay tuned for more gossip on who will be back next week!

Fantastic NEW Merchandise in the Tribe store – check it out NOW!!

The Tribe Store is rapidly expanding to include the fantastic new range of Tribe merchandise. We have just released details of the latest and greatest Tribe merchandise available to Tribe Fans. You can see the range and prices at the Tribe Store

Among the usual ‘Tribal’ items available, there are now many new items of which you should get your hands on if you want to strive to be the number 1. Tribe fan!

None other than the fantastic Caleb Ross – LEX (right), modelling the brand new Tribe Bag.

Latest items are: Exclusive Tribe One Postcard set, Tribe Pencil case, Tribe Cap, Tribe Beanie, Tribe Address Book, Tribe Bag and, last but not least, a Tribe Teddy Bear.

Get saving cos these are the most fabulous items to be seen with!!! You can place your order and see prices at the Tribe Store


Tribe Fan Club members wait no more!!!!!

‘Mall Rats’ – the new book is now available through the fan club store at $13.45 plus postage and packaging (same as the first Tribe book – Power & Chaos).

New Zealand fans attention!!! You can also go to your local bookstore to buy your copy of The NEW Tribe Book – ‘Mall Rats’.

Mall Rats tells the story of Tai San and the Mall Rats and how they manage to survive in a world without adults. It features all the trials and tribulations of your favourite characters. There are even photos spread throughout the book.

So head to your bookstore now …