Tribe News

News: 9th July 2001

DANNY JAMES in the Hexagon

Monday 09 July saw Danny James (ZOOT) make a visit to the ‘Hexagon’ (to find out more about this special place) at the Cloud 9 studios to answer fan mail, most commonly asked questions, autograph card signings and a recording chat session for the internet.

Even after his death in episode 8 of Series One he has made special appearances for flashback scenes in further episodes throughout the Series.

Aside from playing the part of Zoot he was also a member of the Administration and Art departments within Cloud 9.

What is the future for Danny James as ZOOT we all ask? Well Episode 8 in Series One seemed fairly final for ZOOT. Or was it? His body was burnt off the coast on a boat. Or did it? Certainly the Guardian was devoted to Zoot enough to continue making real the philosophy of “power and chaos”.

Will we see more of ZOOT in the future??? Stay tuned, in some way, shape or form, POWER & CHAOS shall continue!!!!

Fantastic NEW chatroom coming very very soon…!

The administration team at Tribeworld are in the process of introducing a brand new ‘happenin’ chat room!

The testing process has begun and it is only a matter of days before this amazing new chat room will be available to you all through

It will be under the Talk section in Tribeworld. We will announce in the Guide News page when it is up and running.

Awesome Chat time – LEX on the UBB!!

Sunday with none other than Caleb Ross – (LEX) was a huge success!

There were literally hundreds and hundreds of fans using the UBB, and the German translator was busy translating many questions both for Caleb to understand and answer to the German fans on the UBB as well as many other fans worldwide also!

The Chat session was finished off by a phone call from Caleb to ‘UBB competition winner’ American fan – 15-year-old Texan – Kasey.

Series IV latest UPDATES – What and who is’ happening’ on the Tribe?

Series IV starts principle photography on August 13, 2001. Fan club members are receiving exclusive updates on characters who are returning for the new series, so if you want to be the first to know who’s who and what’s what, then join here.

You all saw the huge climax to Series IV with a plane hovering overhead, sky jumpers from a strange and unknown tribe, Amber and Bray being banished from the city with Amber in labour, and much more.

Who else is returning you ask??? We have confirmed so far the return of Meryl Cassie (EBONY), Beth Allen (AMBER), Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu (CLOE), Caleb Ross (LEX), Antonia Prebble (TRUDY).

Well this week’s ‘leak’ on who is returning is none other than the fantastic JACK. Yes it’s true! Michael Wesley-Smith will be returning as JACK in Series IV. Of course he has been away, back and away again?? BUT he will be back and better than ever as the red headed JACK for Series IV.

Stay tuned for more gossip on who will be back next week!