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News: 14th October 2002


We’ve been lucky enough to have a sneaky preview update on the state of the storylines for Tribe 5. As you may know, the scripts are being written right now before the actual production and filming of the series starts.

And we can now reveal a “World Exclusive” Right now! We must be careful though because it’s all top secret. Here goes – there is a new character who we will refer to as “Mr X” (to protect the real identity of the character).

Mr X is a mysterious character and word has it that he’s the “new/old kid on the block”. Not much more is known about Mr X except he has a crush on one of the Mallrats…

We’ll have more information about Mr X soon – and watch out for a live chat coming soon!!

Michelle Ang turns 19!

Big Birthday wishes to Michelle Ang who turns 19 on the 17th October. Please send your birthday wishes and messages to

New Tribe German Book Available Now!

Yes, the latest German Tribe book is now for sale via the Store on It’s called Das Zeitalter Der Auserwahlten and it looks pretty cool! More information and a review coming soon.

The Nana was hiding in the Location Report archive page last week. This little guy is hiding somewhere on the website – see if you can find him this week.

Until next week,

Stay Tribal and Keep the Dream Alive…