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News: 21st October 2002

Tribe 5 Cast List!!

You’ve all been waiting to find out who’s returning for Tribe 5 and who the new cast will be!!! Well here is the official list!!

AmberBeth AllenMegaCalen Maiava-Paris
Baby BrayAdam SandejMouseJacinta Wawatai
BradyGeorgia Taylor WoodsPrideNick Miller
EbonyMeryl CassieRamTom Hern
EllieJennyfer JewellRubyFleur Saville
GelVicky RodewykSaleneVictoria Spence
JackMichael Wesley SmithSammyLucas Hayward
JavaMegan AlatiniSivaMonique Cassie
JayJames NapierSladeMatt Robinson
LexCaleb RossTrudyAntonia Prebble
MayLaura WilsonZootDanny James

More TRIBE 5 News!!

We’ve snapped some of the cast coming in for Wardrobe fittings and makeup trials.

Michael Wesley Smith was in last week getting his hair dyed – but what colour? Will it be red again or perhaps blue? You’ll have to wait and see!

How are the sets going?

We took a trip to the studios last week to check out how the Art Department are getting on.

We saw them sorting out the Mall and working really hard to get all the sets dressed on time.
It takes a lot of work to get everything ready for filming, especially when new sets have to be built for new characters.

The Nana was hiding in the Store page last week. This little guy is hiding somewhere on the website – see if you can find him this week.

Until next week,

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