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News: 28th October 2002

Tribe 5 starts today!!

Filming kicks of today for Tribe 5! We’ll have our first Tribe 5 official Location report for you next Monday with photos of the weeks filming and sneak previews of where they were filming and what they were doing.

It’s Halloween this week!

There’s ghost, goblins, pumpkins and witches lurking around Tribeworld this week. There’s also some great Halloween Flash Animations in the downloads section for you to check out – here’s the link!

James Napier – Cast Chat!!

Get ready… the first Tribe 5 cast chat will be this Wednesday!! Join us on the Bulletin Board in the “Cast Chat” forum to chat with James Napier. He will be there for one hour to answer your questions. Here is the timetable for your country.

Wellington, NZ – Wednesday 30th October – 8.00am
Australia – Wednesday 30th October – 5.00am
London – Tuesday 29th October – 7.00pm
Germany – Tuesday 29th October – 8.00pm
Israel – Tuesday 29th October – 9.00pm
Helsinki – Finland – Tuesday 29th October – 9.00pm
Los Angeles – Tuesday 29th October – 11.00am
New York – Tuesday 29th October – 2.00pm

Tribe starts in Australia!

Tribe 1 will start on ABC Kids in Australia on 14th December 2002 at 5.30pm every Saturday! Check out their website ABC – Kids

Tribe in Norway

Tribe 2 will start airing in Norway on NRK – Etter Skoletid – check their website for more information.

Tribe in South Africa!

Tribe 1 will hit South African television screens on SABC next month! We don’t have time details yet but will let you all know soon – here’s their website SABC

The Nana was hiding on the PreTribe – Mouse and Charlie Part 1 page last week. This little guy is hiding somewhere on the website – see if you can find him this week.

Until next week,

Stay Tribal and Keep the Dream Alive…