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News: 15th June 2001


New Zealand fans attention!!! You can finally get to your local bookstore to buy your copy of The NEW Tribe Book – ‘Mall Rats’.

It is ultimately the story of Tai San and the Mall Rats and how they manage to survive in a world without adults. It features all the trials and tribulations of your favourite characters. There is even photos pages spread throughout the book.

So head to your bookstore now …In due course it will globally be available exclusively to fan club members through the Tribe Fan Club.

Daniel James (ZOOT) coming to chat to you!

Set your clocks! Turn the computer on! Log into the UBB! Daniel James in coming to chat to you from the Hexagon at Cloud 9 in New Zealand. Here are the times:

The Date is: 17th June Sunday,
The Time is: 6pm-8pm NZ time.

GERMAN TIME: 17th June 8am-10am

ISRAEL TIME: 17th June 9am-11am

HELSINKI TIME: 17th June 9am-11am

LONDON TIME: 17th June 7am-9am

LOS ANGELES TIME: 17th June 1am-3am

NEW YORK TIME: 17th June 4am-6am

Prepare your questions and get fingers to keyboard for the amazing chat to none other that Daniel James (ZOOT).

Tribeworld undergoing some changes!!!!

Tribeworld has changed servers over the last weekend and will be undergoing some further changes in the not so distant future! This will ensure that in the longer term the website will just get better and better.

So please bear with the web admin team over the next few days as we endeavour to get all pages up and running.

If you have any suggestions for regular new pages you would like to see as part of the new site, then send your suggestions to We are planning to incorporate current popular features with brand new content, with more downloads, clips, audios and much much more.

We will keep you updated with due dates and new information on this new and improved site. In the meantime don’t forget to send your suggestions to

Updates for USA fans – MoviePlex lineup!

Along with the addition of Series 2 to the MoviePlex lineup, the times have changed:


12:00pm (Tribe Series 1)

12:30pm (Tribe Series 2)

8:00pm (Tribe Series 1) repeat of 12:00pm eps

8:30pm (Tribe Series 2) repeat of 12:30pm eps

Sunday late night/ Monday morning:

1:00am (Tribe Series 1)

1:30am (Tribe Series 2)

*The Sunday late night airings are part of WAM!’s Monday lineup… so it won’t be in order

We will keep you posted as soon as more information comes to hand. In the meantime, enjoy more of The Tribe on WAM in the USA.

Brand New Merchandise in the Tribe store

Things are cookin’ in the Tribe Store and Tribe Fan Club! We have just released details of the latest and greatest Tribe merchandise available to Tribe Fans.

Among the usual ‘Tribal’ items available, there are now many new items of which you should get your hands on if you want to strive to be the number 1. Tribe fan!

Latest items are: Exclusive Tribe One Postcard set, Tribe Pencil case, Tribe Cap, Tribe Beanie, Tribe Address Book, Tribe Bag and last but not least a Tribe Teddy Bear.

Get saving cos these are the most fabulous items to be seen with!!! You can place your order or see prices at the Tribe Store soon…

Until next news session,

Stay Tribal and Keep the Dream Alive…