Tribe News

News: 15th November 1999


It’s here! At last! The new Tribeworld website is now online from Monday 15th November 1999.

After months of work involving many technicians and designers the new website has at last been officially launched.

The designers have listened to the voices of Tribe fans and have tried to accommodate as many requests as possible.

You will find many new sections full of pictures and exclusive info including:

– an online Tribe Encyclopedia
– interviews with the cast and behind the scenes team who make the Tribe
– news and information about Series 2
– a back-story section called Pre-Tribe that shows how Zoot became Zoot, and how Bray, Trudy, Ebony and Zoot lived before the virus – literally everything about the world before the Tribe…
– a new location report with up to date happenings from the production of Tribe Series 2
– Tribe Vote – where users have their say about a range of issues

In addition, there is a new CHAT ROOM where users can have chat and instant communication with Tribe fans around the world. This new chat room will be live very soon. In the meantime also on Tribe Talk is the Bulletin Board where messages can be posted and replies made.

NEW to the Downloads section in a few days will be new audio and video downloads. The first audio download is an interview with Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) that was recorded last week. Dwayne is the first cast member to do an audio interview this way but all members of cast will offer downloadable interviews on the new site. The interview will be offered as MP3 and Real Audio downloads and will be available very soon!

ALSO coming up soon on the new website is a free email service! Users who join up will be able to have an email address of their choice with the address being – much like Hotmail and Yahoo. The free email service will be online shortly.

The new website is going to be updated on a regular basis so keep checking in for the latest information.

As an EXCLUSIVE to Tribeworld users, we have been authorised to reveal that very shortly Tribe fans will receive a preview of two tracks from the Tribe’s first album that will be available as downloads!

Also, there will be previews of the music videos that were made in October for the two tracks – “Abe Messiah” and “This is the Place” with the cast singing and dancing.

And as Christmas approaches – for members of the Official Tribe Fan Club watch out for exclusive goodies which will be on sale at special discounted prices. For Tribe fans wishing to participate make sure you join the Official Fan Club so that you don’t miss out (to do so, visit the Club section). There is a fantastic range of merchandise available – including a special Christmas millennium greeting from members of the cast.


Watch out for news from the Tribemaster – whoever and whatever it is.

The Tribemaster will be giving details of special features on the website – and basically giving a tour. Assuming that it/him/she can stay within a safe haven prior to returning to sector 9.


Series 2 premiered on Channel 5 on Sunday November 14th to a mammoth response and great critical acclaim.

So as not to spoil series two for viewers in other countries, viewers in the UK will know what we mean when we refer to some stunning revelations which might have left some fans a little disappointed but this was due to matters beyond Cloud 9’s control and solely due to cast availability.

Series 2 will introduce many other surprising twists and turns including back-story revelations (prequels) and several new characters are introduced to fuel storylines and character interplay – so stay tuned for the exciting developments and the introductions of some very interesting characters that all the Cloud 9 team believe fans will grow to love.


Series One continues to transmit in a range of countries from New Zealand to Finland, Poland to Slovenia.

Soon Tribeworld visitors will be able to communicate to fans in other countries as transmissions begin all over the world.

The next scheduled debut is in the United States of America where the Tribe will start transmitting on December 1st.


You might be interested to note that the Tribe will be starring and participating in the Wellington Christmas Parade on Saturday 20th November.

The Loco’s police car will form the centrepiece of the Tribe float so if you see your favourite character don’t forget to shout out and wave – and who knows, you might have the opportunity of meeting them or getting an autograph or even your photograph taken with them.

As an early exclusive for fans in New Zealand, we have been authorised to reveal that the Tribe will make their debut at the new Wellington Westpac Stadium to coincide with the opening of the Australian Rules Football League – where the Tribe band will perform in front of approximately 30,000 people, and feature two tracks off their new album which will soon be available throughout the world (keep checking for further information).

In addition, a Tribal Gathering is being planned in Wellington that will be attended by the cast. Again, stay in touch for further information (for viewers in other countries, we will be publishing details of other Tribe conventions that will be structured around the Tribe’s global promotional tour so that fans will have the opportunity of seeing their favourite characters in person).

MERYL CASSIE (who plays EBONY) has been invited to present an award at the New Zealand Film and Television Awards (at which, incidentally, Cloud 9 has been nominated for the Duellists – a fantastic episode out of the series William Shatner’s A Twist in the Tale).


You what?

Yes, several schools and universities around the world have approached Cloud 9 for assistance in providing data associated with classes wishing to study the Tribe.

If your particular class or school is interested then email our educational co-ordinator, William Kircher, at

As fans will know, the Tribe is a very unique and entertaining way to study issues which affect young people from elements of democracy to the judiciary system, the environment to technology.

All the team at Cloud 9 have been overwhelmed by the amount of interest shown in those wishing to study the Tribe and we have been authorised to reveal that full educational back-up is available on request.


On Friday 12th November you may have used Tribe Talk when Michael Wesley-Smith made an appearance live and exclusive. Michael enjoyed speaking very much but due to the sheer number of messages on the Bulletin Board, Michael was unable to answer each and every one. He does appreciate all the feedback and messages posted AND WILL be appearing on Tribe Talk later this week to answer as many messages outstanding as he can.

We will advise on News here who the next member of cast will be to appear on Tribe Talk very soon.