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News: 22nd November 1999


We have been authorised to reveal today that in addition to the back-story that focuses on Bray, Trudy, Ebony and Zoot that appears in Series 2 (showing how they knew each other, and how Zoot became Zoot and started the Locos), there is ANOTHER back-story.

Series 2 also looks at the back-story of LEX (Caleb Ross) and RYAN (Ryan Runciman), from their first meeting to the development of their friendship, and how they lived before the virus.

There is a world’s first picture of LEX and RYAN before the virus that was taken on Friday New Zealand time last week from the filming of Tribe Series 2 at Cloud 9’s production centre – and this can be seen in the Location Report section of GUIDE.

There will be more news and info about the back-story with Lex and Ryan – as well as Bray, Trudy, Ebony and Zoot – that will appear in the Pre-Tribe section of GUIDE in the near future


We are delighted to advise that there are extracts from two songs from the first Tribe album that can be downloaded by users of Tribeworld.

Both tracks (like the whole Tribe album) are original pieces of music written for and inspired by The Tribe.

The first track is called “Abe Messiah” and UK viewers may recognise it from Tribe Series 2. The track is sung by all members of the cast. The above picture is taken from the video with the cast performing “Abe Messiah”.

The other track is called “This is the place” and this is the first time this track is being made available to the public for listening to. The track is sung by Caleb Ross (LEX), Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) and Danny James (ZOOT).

We would love to hear what website visitors think of both songs as your feedback will help Cloud 9 and the Tribe band and speed up the release of the first Tribe album and tour by the band in the new year.

To get your feedback, there is a questionnaire where users can click on some questions and automatically send their answers to the website.

Both tracks are available via downloads as extracts (to keep the duration of downloads short) in the most popular forms Quicktime and Real Media. If you don’t have either player on your PC, you can pick up copies for free.

So why not check out the Clips section of the Downloads section under CLUB and have a listen!


You may notice the picture when you first go to that appears briefly before you get to the home page with the 5 menus for GUIDE, CLUB, LIFE, TALK and STORE.

That picture is of Caleb Ross (LEX), Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) and Danny James (ZOOT) performing “This is the place”.

There will be more pictures as well as an interview and feature with the cast about the Tribe album and making the two music videos that will appear on the Tribeworld site next week.


Coming up on Thursday 25th November UK time in the CLIPS section of DOWNLOADS (under CLUB) will be the audio interview that was recently recorded with Dwayne Cameron (BRAY).

The interview will be available as Quicktime and Real Media (for Mac and PC) and is in three parts.

Wonder what’s it like to be Bray? And how many characters Dwayne has kissed on screen? And what Dwayne’s favorite moment has been so far?

Well, the audio interviews will be available on the Tribeworld site from Thursday UK time this week, and we hope you enjoy them.


The next member of cast who will give an interview to a member of the Cloud 9 team is Caleb Ross (LEX).

As with Dwayne Cameron’s interview, we would like to receive your questions that you might have for Caleb and the member of the Cloud 9 team will put these to Caleb during his interview.

If you have something you would like to ask Caleb, you can send us an email – and you can also post your questions or messages under the MyCalebquestion message that is being posted today in the Tribe General Chat section on the Forum Index at Tribe Talk.

Caleb will be interviewed next week and the audio interview will be available as a download in December.


The second episode of Series 2 aired in the UK on Sunday 21st November on Channel 5. The second series of the Tribe has had a phenomenal reaction from viewers and fans. There are some clues as to what happens next in the Future section of the Plot Synopsis under GUIDE but to find out for sure you will have to watch next week


We hope you like the new Tribeworld website, that is now a week old!

New users may be interested in the Tribe Encyclopedia (under GUIDE) that has loads of info and pictures about Tribe characters, places, customs, events, equipment – literally everything in the world of the Tribe. Also in GUIDE is a new Interview section that has interviews with the creators of the Tribe.

For members of the Fan Club, items about the Fan Club that used to appear as updates in Latest news can now be found under the CLUB section in the Fan Club, where there is a Fan Club news section.

Coming up soon is a live Chat Room in Tribe Talk that will join the existing Bulletin Board and enable live chat around the world.


Fans in New Zealand might have seen the Tribe at the Christmas Parade on Saturday 20th November in Wellington.

Later that day, Meryl Cassie (EBONY) was one of the hosts and presented an award at the New Zealand Television Awards.