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News: 29th November 1999


The new Tribeworld website has received tremendous feedback, which we at Cloud 9 are all very grateful for. Keep checking the site for latest updates.

On Monday 6th December UK time there will be a special new Tribe Style article looking at the Tribe album and the making of the Tribe music videos. In the meantime, we have a picture of Meryl Cassie (EBONY) in the recording studio singing on the Tribe album!

Right now there is some news to check out for Fan Club members in the Fan Club news (under CLUB), a new Tribe VOTE and results from the old one (under CLUB), new Plot Synopsis info for viewers in the UK about Series 2, a new Location Report straight from the heart of producing Tribe Series 2 in New Zealand, and…


As an exclusive to Tribeworld Fan Club members, there is a range of exciting goodies available which make ideal Christmas gifts and especially Millennium momentos.

The Official Tribe Fan Club members will soon receive an email advising them of these limited edition specials. So to avoid disappointment please order early – and if you are not a member of the Fan Club, you can immediately join so that you don’t miss out on this collectors’ special.

And watch out for some exciting specials available in the January Tribal sales!


For members of the Official Tribe Fan Club, Michelle Ang who plays TAI-SAN will be appearing live and exclusive on Tribe Talk this week!

Michelle joins Tribe Talk for the first time in a first-time Fan Club meeting for all members of the Official Tribe Fan Club. She will be chatting in the Fan Club section of the Forum Index on Tribe Talk.

Please note – the Fan Club meeting with Michelle Ang’s appearance will start at 19.00 pm on Tuesday 30th November UK time.

This is 21.00 pm on Tuesday 30th November FINLAND time.

For fans and viewers in New Zealand, this is 08.00 am on Wednesday 1st December New Zealand time.

The next member of cast to appear on Tribe Talk and the date of their appearance will be revealed on Thursday 2nd December UK time.


On Friday 24th November the cast recorded a special Christmas and Millennium greeting for various broadcasters throughout the world – so stay tuned for your very own Tribal greeting.

In addition, the Tribe will be starring in a download on the website to bring you an exclusive Christmas and Millennium message embracing all manner of information from what they are doing for Christmas, to their personal thoughts and hopes for the millennium. Keep a look out in December!


In response to many requests, we have been authorised to reveal that Cloud 9 is in liaison with tour operators to offer a package for those fans wishing to attend the first Tribal Gathering in February 2000.

Keep checking the website for further details which will be posted soon.


For users of Tribeworld there is a millennium Tribe video that will be available. The cost is New Zealand $29.95 including a special 20% discount to Fan Club members. This price is exclusive of postage and packaging. The commemorative video features behind the scenes footage, millennium thoughts and greetings of the cast and crew, and a range of humorous outtakes – plus a whole lot more.

For anyone wishing to purchase this video, please email and details will be emailed to you via return.

This is a true limited edition which will not be available via broadcast so to avoid disappointment, it is advised to email at your earliest convenience so that names can be compiled and orders processed.


Production of Tribe Series 2 continues until December 17th at which time the cast and crew will break for the Christmas and Millennium celebrations prior to returning to commence principal photography on January 10th.

If you wish to email any cast members with Christmas and Millennium greetings, then it is advisable to do this early to ensure that your favourite cast member receives your Christmas wishes – and who knows, a lucky few might receive a personal message – or phone call – by return.

Keep checking the website and we will post details of what the cast and crew will be up to over the Christmas and Millennium holiday period.

On December 11th, the entire Cloud 9 team will get a head start on celebrating the festivities at a barbecue party which will be held in Wellington and attended by all cast and crew and their families.


Get a download of this – we are delighted to offer some music extracts form the first Tribe album on the Tribeworld website!

There are two tracks – “Abe Messiah” and “This is the place” – and both are inspired by the Tribe, both feature in Tribe Series 2, and have been especially written by the songwriter-producers, John Williams and Matt Prime.

Abe Messiah – this is about some very important story developments that shape Series 2 and are crucial to the future of the Mall Rats and the world of the Tribe as a whole. We cannot reveal too much more for now so as not to spoil the storylines for viewers in the UK and worldwide!

The song is performed by all members of the Tribe cast and SALENE), Meryl Cassie (EBONY), Caleb Ross (LEX) and the rest of the cast performing.

This Is The Place – this track features in one of the back-story episodes in Series 2 and on the website is the first public broadcasting of this track from the album. The song is performed by Caleb Ross (LEX), Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) and Danny James (ZOOT).

There are QuickTime 4 and Real Audio versions available.

To hear the songs, visit our new Media section

We would love to hear your feedback about the two songs as this will help Cloud 9 (the makers of the Tribe) and bring the first Tribe album to fruition much faster! Do you like the songs? Would you go and see the Tribe in concert?

There is a special Tribe vote about these songs and we would love to hear from you after you have heard the songs in Media section


As many of you will know, Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) was interviewed at the Cloud 9 production centre earlier in November from the location of Tribe Series 2 production. His interview was recorded and it is now available for you to listen to!

Dwayne was asked questions that had been sent in by fans and viewers worldwide and you can hear him talk about what it’s like to be Bray, what he does off camera, and how many characters Bray has kissed on screen!

The interview is now available as a three-part audio interview on the Tribeworld website at Media Section

There are QuickTime 4 and Real Audio versions available.


The next member of cast who will give an interview to a member of the Cloud 9 team is Caleb Ross (LEX). As with Dwayne Cameron’s interview, we would like to receive your questions that you might have for Caleb and these will be put to Caleb during his interview.

We have already received loads of questions – thank you!

If you have something you would like to ask Caleb, you can send us an email

What’s it like to be Lex? And being Zandra’s boyfriend? Or kissing Ebony (Meryl Cassie)? And how was it singing on the Tribe album?

All will be revealed very soon – Caleb will be interviewed in the first week of December and the audio interview will be available as a download in mid-December.


We have been authorised to reveal that one of the back-story episodes of Series 2 (this one features Bray, Zoot, Trudy and Ebony before the virus) will be broadcast on Channel 5 in the UK during the Christmas holidays.

As soon as we have a date and time slot we will advise here on News so keep checking for more details soon.


For fans aware of the cult underground movie “Scarfies”, keep watching Tribe Series 2 and see if you can notice one of the key makers of the movie who makes a cameo appearance in the Tribe. If you spot the appearance then email and the first five emails received will obtain a very special surprise.