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News: 16th September 2002

Our thoughts go out to you…

As the world has been remembering the horrific events of 9/11 one year ago, we here at Cloud 9 would like to pass on our very best wishes and sympathy to all those of you who have been effected.

We hope that the world learns from what has happened and that we are all free to keep our dreams alive.

Someone was lurking in the corridor!

Who did we see in the corridor at Cloud 9? Damon Andrews (who played the Guardian) was happily strolling around drinking a cup of coffee. What was he doing here? Are we to expect that the Guardian will re-appear in Tribe 5? Or was Damon just paying a visit to Cloud 9? We guess you’ll just have to wait and see!!

Tribe 4 is coming to Germany!!!

KIKA have announced that Tribe 4 is on it’s way!!!

Tribe 4 is due to start screening on 5th March 2003. Meet the new characters including Ram, Jay, Ved, Java and Siva.

We’ll be adding more Tribe 4 articles, interviews and photos to the German website soon.

Keep checking in here on the Guide News for the latest information and check out the KIKA website for updates

German Tribe Magazine

From 19th December 2002 there is going to be available an Official Tribe Magazine especially for German fans called “The Tribe”.

The magazine will feature articles on “Tribe Style” i.e clothes, jewellery and makeup, plus behind the scenes photos and interviews with the cast! Plus it will be packed full of posters of your favourite Tribe Stars.

The magazine will be available in all leading supermarkets and kiosks etc in Germany, Austria and German speaking Switzerland – so look out for it!!

The Nana was hiding on the Tribe Spirit Audio Download page last week. This little guy is hiding somewhere on the website – see if you can find him this week.

Until next week,

Stay Tribal and Keep the Dream Alive…