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News: 9th September 2002

Tribe Album 2 rumour?

We at have had word with someone from Cloud 9 about the possibility of there being another Tribe Album following the successful first album in 2000. The first album did tremendously well, attracting critical acclaim and success from fans of the show in many territories around the world.

Members of the Tribe cast are not only talented actors and actresses but are also excellent singers, musicians and dancers – music is very important for them, cast members like Caleb Ross and Tom Hern frequent music studios regularly laying down tracks and writing pieces. We’ll keep you updated on developments as and when we receive news – so watch this space!!

Latest Fanclub Competition Winner!

Congratulations to our latest Fanclub Competition Winner – Merissa McClure of the USA. The question was “What country is Michael Wesley Smith originally from?” The answer is New Zealand!

His family is Irish but Michael was born in New Zealand.

Again congratulations Merissa – your prize of a Techno T-shirt is in the mail.

The runner up is Sadie Pinchbeck of England – she has won a copy of the book “Mallrats”! Congratulations your prize is in the mail.

Tribe Books!!

Don’t forget to order your copy of “Mallrats”! Members of the fanclub are snapping them up fast! Power and Chaos the first Tribe book has now sold out – we’ll let you know when/if more will be available.

There are also three German Tribe Books available. The first two have sold like hotcakes in Germany and the third one is due to be released this month.

Check the store page on the websites for more information.

The Nana was hiding on the Bray page of the Who’s Who section last week. This little guy is hiding somewhere on the website – see if you can find him this week.

Until next week,

Stay Tribal and Keep the Dream Alive…