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News: 17th May 2001

New Zealand Fans – Tribe on Squirt!

What does this mean?
It means that the Tribe Cast will feature on the ‘Squirt’ show on TV2 in New Zealand which runs from 7am – 10am Saturday 19 May.

What it will feature is excerpts from the Armageddon Festival in Auckland, held earlier in the year which Several Tribe members spent the weekend performing, signing autographs and selling merchandise. The main cast who were present were Meryl Cassie (EBONY), Caleb Ross (LEX) and Michelle Ang (TAI SAN).

So turn your TV sets to TV2 saturday morning and see the Tribe on Squirt!

Tribal Day at Pataka Museum – Museum of Arts & Cultures

Saturday 19th May sees a special celebration of The Tribe. There is a whole day dedicated to the Tribe, ultimately promoting the use of cast, crew and locations in the immediate area of Porirua (suburb of Wellington).

There is a huge Tribe Dress-Up competition which is attracting loads of Tribe fans, especially with lots of Tribe Merchandise to be won and an ultimate prize of “Extra for a day on Tribe IV”. The lucky winner will get to visit the famous Phoenix (Tribe) Mall, meet some core cast members, and experience the hectic and demanding life of an actor for a day!

So get your gears on! Go Tribal and be in to win!!
Competition starts at 1.30pm Saturday 19th May.
Pataka Museum of Arts & Culture
New Zealand

Read all about it?!

Yes! A big event in New Zealand is happening in early June – it sounds like look, cook, shook, rook, nook, hook, took – can you guess what it is…?

It is the second Tribe book! Yeah! Random House publishers are going to be publish this latest Tribe novel, inspired by the hit series and featuring some fabulous stories and developments. This is a book you will not want to put down!

So mark your diaries for the first week of June – when all good book shops throughout New Zealand will be having the “Mall Rats” in store (that is the name of the book).

For international Tribe fans we will inform you how you can obtain your copy of ‘Mall Rats’ as soon as details come to hand.

USA Tribe news!

Not long now till the next Tribe marathon on WAM! in the USA!

There was previously a hugely successful Tribe marathon in the USA on Labor Day last year and WAM! are having another one!

So mark your diaries, cross your calendars, make an entry in your personal organisers – cause the Tribe marathon is on the way!!

The Marathon is all day May 28 midnight to midnight, which is Memorial Day in the US. It is likely to be all of Series II that will be screened and there will be a special viewing of Tribe Bloopers that will sir in between programs (so you can’t leave the screen at all!!)

US fans will also get to see the Tribe Music Clips of Abe Messiah and You Belong to me, as well as some exclusive Tribe Greetings from some of your favourite characters! Don’t miss it! 24 hours of THE TRIBE… if only all television was like this!

German Tribe news!

The Tribe has been a great success in Germany so far, where it is broadcast on KIKA. There is an official German website which is receiving loads of hits from German fans – the address is

The Tribe has also been a major item in huge magazines and periodicals throughout Germany and has attracted great reviews, being the “pick of the week” in many publications.

Lots of German fans have already joined the Official Tribe Fan Club and we would like to welcome you all to the Tribe of fans around the world!

Monday 14th May is a big day because it sees the release of the first Tribe single in Germany from the Tribe album! There are three fab songs to hear – “You Belong to me”, “Abe Messiah” and “Abadeo” – which Tribe characters can you recognise singing?

The Tribe album itself is released throughout Germany from 6th June.

We will be keeping you updated with all the news and developments of the Tribe in Germany – so stay Tribal!

UK Tribe news – Goodbye Series 3…

Wow! What a way to finish!

What is going to happen next? As viewers in the UK will know, Series 3 has finished in the UK (for now) with the broadcast of the last episode on Saturday 12th May – but it is not the end, only a new beginning…

Don’t forget that starting in July for the summer holidays, Channel 5 are going to be repeating both Series 2 AND Series 3 of the Tribe! So it’s a great opportunity to catch up on your favourite episodes or moments again – or to see anything you may have missed first time round. So the Tribe will NOT be away from Channel 5 for long!

…and hello Tribe Series 4!

If you didn’t know yet, Tribe Series 4 is going to hit television screens around the world very soon!

The series (another 52 x half-hour episodes, although some countries will show 26 x 1-hour episodes) will start actual shooting in mid-August this year.

But first there is a lot of preparation and pre-production to be going on with – and the writing and creative teams at Cloud 9 are right now (or should that be “write now”?) writing the storylines and scripts which will propel the series into exciting new territory. If you thought you had seen all there was to see with the Tribe then think again – there is going to be a lot of new and exciting developments with Tribe Series 4. The series should be on television screens from early 2002.

So what will happen to Tribeworld from now on?

You may be wondering if there will be new content and things to check out on the official Tribe website,, now that series 3 is over in the UK – and the answer is YYYYYYEEEEESSSSS!

The Tribe website receives millions of hits every week from loads of fans all around the world and the team at Tribeworld are going to make sure there is more content than ever before. That’s a promise!

Like what?

Well, we are going to be keeping you updated on all the news and gossip from the on-going work on Series 4 – and there will be an unprecedented amount of photographs and behind the scenes news coming up on Tribeworld – so watch this space for more news!

And the rest of the site is going to have some fantastic new content which is now in development – including some great multimedia downloads and content.

So there will be more to check out at Tribeworld from this point on than ever before!

And just because the UK has finished Series 3, the Tribe is being shown all around the world in many other territories and we will update fans on all things Tribal in their countries too.

Let’s hit the beach! Watch TV for Mysterious lost civilisations, beaches, babes, high school and…


The title is a clue… and it refers to Cloud 9’s new comedy melodrama series, Atlantis High, which completed production last week.

This unique series is unlike anything else on television and promises to be a smash hit around the world. The series is available as 26 x half-hour episodes and will be ready to be delivered to broadcasters around the world from the middle of this year.

Atlantis High features some stars from the Tribe as you have never seen them before.

Cloud 9 are working on and keep an eye out as this website will be up and ready soon with some amazing sneak info on the series.

You can also check out for the latest news about the series.