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News: 18th February 2002


There’s just one word we can say – YEAH!!!! It’s true because Caleb is going to be on the Tribe UBB and you can ask him about The Tribe, his music, the recent huge tour to Europe or whatever else you would like to know about him!

Be there on Tuesday 26th February at 8am NZ time OR:
that’s Monday 25th February at 7pm in the UK
that’s 8pm in Germany 11am
in Los Angeles 1pm
OR in New York 9pm
OR in Helsinki OR
Israel 2pm
AND in Toronto 11am in Vancouver

The whole world of Tribe fans are invited to join the chat!!


We are still hyped up about the Tribe Tour and there is still lots of behind the scenes stuff for all you fans to check out! The latest Location Report is a review of the highlights of the tour and very soon there will be some very special articles, video’s and photos!

So keep checking in!

DVD’s and Videos!

Order your Tribe DVD’s and Video’s now! The first eight episodes are now available with special features included!

DVD 1 includes Episodes 1-4 with a bonus documentary “The Making of The Tribe”
DVD 2 includes Episodes 5-8 and includes a bonus “Interactive character guide of The Tribe”

Visit to order yours today! They can also be found in all good retail outlets so put a smile on your video recorder and watch The Tribe!!

Brand New Tribe Store!

The new Tribe Store will be up next week! Some funky Tribe merchandise will be available so with just a couple of clicks with your mouse you’ll have the fab new merchandise delivered to your door! We’re keeping all the fantastic details under our hat but find out what’s in store…next week!

The Tribe Album

The Tribe Album is still available in all good record stores. And as an exclusive we’re going to have an new video download including behind the scenes footage of This is the Place and other tracks!

So keep an eye and an ear out and check out your local stores for the CD and the club download section for some never before seen video clips!

You can also buy the album at

WAM bam thank you maam!

Don’t forget the Tribe 24 hour Marathon showing in the US on 27th May! And you can let WAM know which episodes you’d like to see!


Tribe 4 is rocking on and we’re going to show you some sneaky glimpses into the future of Series 4! Some seriously good spoilers are coming your way in the form of a NEW Tribe 4 teaser video!

So let us know what else you’d like to see on More behind the scenes photos or video’s? More crew interviews? More in depth makeup and hair ideas?

You choose! Post all your ideas here on the Bulletin Board

UK Tribe 4 Exclusive

There’s another two fantastic episodes of Tribe 4 coming this weekend! The Techno’s bring in some much needed food – Lex is in agony with toothache and it’s going to get infected if it isn’t treated – Salene and Pride get a little closer and what does Pride find out at the power plant?

Not to be missed!!


Cloud 9 started filming a new series last week called Revelations – starring none other than Tom Hern (RAM)! Plus there are some old faces that will be familiar to Tribe watchers. We’re keeping the lid on this exciting new series at the moment but watch out for more information soon!

Until next week,

Stay Tribal and Keep the Dream Alive…