Tribe News

News: 18th July 2005

The New Tomorrow – Shoot Week 8!
The eighth week of fliming has just begun. There are 15 weeks shooting in total for the series so there are still 8 weeks to go!

A huge wind machine was brought in for a couple of days last week to be used in some high powered storm scenes. Lightning shutters were also used to create lightning effects. Coincidentally we had a storm earlier in the week but it’s much easier in show business to create your own storms!

We’ll be starting shortly on a new website and fanclub for the new series. This will take a few weeks to put together but we’ll have news soon on when it might be online.

The Tribe sequel will be available for transmission around October 2005. The series is currently scheduled to air around that time on Channel FIVE in the UK and Network Seven in Australia. Look out for more news on The New Tomorrow as this latest Cloud 9 production gets underway!

FIVE repeats Tribe Series 5!
Channel FIVE in the UK is repeating The Tribe Series 5! Tribe 5 has been re-edited into 13 one hour episodes and they’re being repeated every Saturday on FIVE at 9.55am. Don’t miss them!!