Tribe News

News: 1st February 2001

Countdown to Tribe Tour of Europe

We know many of you are eagerly anticipating details of the Tribe’s tour to Europe this year – such as which members of cast are going and when they will be in Europe – as well as where!

Well please be patient 🙂 – we appreciate all the interest in the tour but cannot yet release details. The Tribe’s tour is top secret and details will be announced as soon as possible.

Although we cannot announce details as a whole we can advise that the Tribe’s tour will publically kick-off in Germany! Yes, there is going to be a huge launch of the Tribe in Germamy – we can’t say any more for now – but watch this space for more news!

Around the world in 1, 2, 3 – 4…?

All around the world right now (practically 24 hours per day) The Tribe can be seen somewhere in the world. With 3 series and 156 episodes already, the Tribe has become a smash-hit and is watched in diverse countries from the USA and Canada to the UK and Ireland, from Singapore to the Ukraine, from New Zealand to Croatia, from Israel to Denmark – and new countries are joining the “Tribe” in the very near future such as Germany.

So we’ve had 1, 2, and 3 – what about Tribe Series 4? Well, as long as there is demand from fans then there will always be The Tribe and we’ll advise in the not too distant future about any plans for Tribe Series 4… So watch this space!

What happened the days after the weekend before

As you may know, the Tribe appeared at the National Museum in Te Papa (very much a living exhibit!) on the weekend of 27th-28th January and were a big hit.

Loads of Tribe fans from across New Zealand turned up at Te Papa and were treated to some performances of songs from the Tribe album by members of the Tribe cast.

Lots of fans came dressed up in their Tribal attire and looked very good!

There were also autograph signings and opportunities for fans – and members of the Tribe cast – to chat with each other.

We’ll advise right here on any future appearances by members of the Tribe cast in New Zealand – and around the world…

January has gone – goodbye. But February is here!

Well one 12th of the year has disappeared already – but you can still check out the Jan/Feb issue of the new revamped Fanzine and you will see the new Fanzine is now online and live!