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News: 20th January 2003

Tribe Sims Game!

How would you like a Tribe Sims Game? The reason we are asking questions relating to the Sims is that we are looking at developing a tribe game and are trying to determine its design – we do appreciate your feedback!!

We’d like you to email us your answer to the following question:

Which would you prefer?

a) – A single player Sim style game – email

b) – A massively multiplayer online game? –

Please email your answers to the above addresses. We’ll let you know the results later in the week!

Tribe Tour 2003!!

Planning is underway and the itinerary is being put together right now!

Thank you all for your votes in the survey. We’ll be able to let you know in the next couple of days which cast members will be going on the tour!

The tour is planned for March 2003 and we’ll have more information for you soon so stay tuned and keep checking here in the Guide News for the latest information!

More German Tribe Books!

Look out next month for a brand new “Prequel” German Tribe book. It’s the second prequel book, the first one was called “Bray und Martin”. This new book will be released at the end of February and is a book based on Lex and Ryan before the virus hit.

We’ve also heard that even more books are in the making and that they’re based on stories of the Technos. We’ll have more information soon so keep checking in!

Tribe 5 Start Date!

You heard it here first! Tribe 5 is due to start airing on Five in the UK on March 15th 2003.

It was due to screen earlier but unfortunately it was out of Cloud 9’s control due to broadcaster scheduling.

Tribe 5 is shaping up to be the best series yet and we’re positive you’re going to be thrilled at every twist in the storyline.

The countdown begins…

Until next week,

Stay Tribal and Keep the Dream Alive…