Tribe News

News: 24th September 2001

Chat with who this week???

Last Thursday it was Cloud 9’s pleasure to bring to you for a chat session Mr Nick Miller who plays the part of PRIDE in the Tribe. He had a fantastic time, as we hope you did, chatting and catching up with Tribe fans from all over the world.

He then spent a few more hours answering fan mail, signing some Tribe cards for prizes and answering some questionnaires for Tribeworld.

There have been several chats over the last few weeks including Beth Allen, Jennyfer Jewell, Michael Wesley Smith, Caleb Ross and Nick Miller. It just gets better and better…!!!

Stay tuned…and Stay Tribal…Get ready for yet another Tribe cast member – live to you this week. Check out the Talk page for times.

Pics from the Tribal Gathering in Texas

Remember the Tribal Gathering in Texas a few weeks ago? Well Amit has kindly sent us a few pics of the guys and gals hanging out in the hotel watching the Tribe.

Rumour has it that these Texan fans are thinking about organising yet another Tribal gathering.

If you are thinking about having a Tribal Gathering in your area drop us a line to