Tribe News

News: 27th September 2001

Chat with who this week??? YES IT’S TRUE….BETH ALLEN IS COMING LIVE TO YOU!!

Last Thursday it was Cloud 9’s pleasure to bring to you for a chat session Mr Nick Miller who plays the part of PRIDE in the Tribe. He had a fantastic time, as we hope you did, chatting and catching up with Tribe fans from all over the world.

This week we have the most fantastic news that Beth Allen who plays the amazing Amber will be appearing live in the chatroom on Friday 28th September at 8am NZ time. Check out the Talk page for times around the world.

There have been several chats over the last few weeks including Beth Allen, Jennyfer Jewell, Michael Wesley Smith, Caleb Ross and Nick Miller. It just gets better and better…!!!

Stay tuned…and Stay Tribal…Get ready for yet another Tribe cast member – live to you this week!

BB – what is the story??

Well it is up to you guys?!! The BB is under assessment and in a trial period so to speak. Cloud 9 does not want to close it down but it has become apparent that some people are misusing it.

So there are now no moderators but instead, Internet Service people that monitor the posts for appropriateness of content. If such innappropriate posts keep appearing on the BB then Cloud 9 will have no hesitation in pulling it down and creating a new one for paying members only.

So make the most of this trial period to get back on track and use the BB as it is intended to be used.

Stay Tribal… and no inappropriate

KIKA – German TV channel repeating Series I of the Tribe.

Series One commenced repeated broadcasts on KIKA from Friday the 14th September. It’ll be running for the next 52 weekdays at 16.55h. The Tribe is a massive hit in this huge country on KIKA. Millions and millions of viewers tune in every day to watch the show and fans send in a tonne of fan mail to their favourite cast members every day! Translators are used to ensure they know what they are telling them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There have been many millions of hits every week to the official German website of Tribeworld at Why don’t you check it out and see what is happening with the Tribe in Germany and test your German speaking skills?!

Additionally, the Tribe album “Abe Messiah” has been released across the country, and you can find it in all good record stores. German fans can also purchase the hit single ‘You Belong to me’.

Another broadcaster started Series II of the Tribe!!

News to hand is that TVO (Canada) started screening series II of The Tribe. This is fantastic news for all you Canadian fans of The Tribe who will be able to see more of their favourite programme!!!!!!!!!!