Tribe News

News: 27TH FEBRUARY 2001


Updates as they come to hand of the Tribe Tour to London.

The Tribe cast will be in London from the 5th March until the 8th March, during which time they have a very tight schedule of live interviews, non-live shoots, magazine interviews and photo shoots. Here is a sneak preview on where you can catch these hot Tribe members on TV:

Monday 5th March – News is that the cast members will be appearing on the Channel 5 Breakfast News 6am.

Tuesday 6th March – Check out the Tribe (unconfirmed) on The Big Breakfast from 7-9am.

Also on Tuesday is live interviews with the cast on T4 on E4, Channel 4’s digital entertainment channel. This runs between 4pm and 7pm and you can check out the cast in the links between the shows during this time.

Magazines which are conducting interviews with Meryl (EBONY), Caleb (LEX) and Beth (AMBER) are Shout, TNT, TV Choice, Bliss, J17, What’s on TV. Over the next few weeks be sure to keep an eye on these publications when the Tribe will feature. There is bound to be fantastic photos to go with the interviews of your favourite Tribe characters.

Websites participating in the Tribe Tour are,, Go and surf the net to these websites where you can find Tribe cast interviews.

Additionally, there will also be a feature with them on Teletext, so click that remote on your TV and you can find the Tribe.

From Monday 5th March they will be in London, maybe on the streets in their spare time, although as you can appreciate they do have a very tight promotion schedule. They will do their best to get out and about so you may be able to see them!

Stay tuned for updates on the Tribe tour.

COMPETITIONS ASSOCIATED WITH THE TRIBE TOUR – Your chance to win fantastic Tribe goodies! (including the ever awaited Tribe Album

National and regional press, magazines and websites are getting involved in Tribe promotions as a result of the Tribe Tour. Here is an initial outline of those involved, there are otheres awaiting confirmation!

Cambridge Evening News – running a promotion with a chance to win Tribe goodie bags from the 17th March.

Coventry Evening Telegraph – Promotion in the “Go to” section with great Tribe packages to bw won, released on 16th March.

Leeds Express – Another competition promotion with goody packs to be won, released 16th March.

Teen Mags
Shout Magazine – Tribe competition with CD’s to be won during 6th-20th April publication.

TV Listings Mags
Satellite Times – for the April edition coming out 21st March, competition for a chance to win awesome merchandise packs.

Kids Events – running a competition for Tribe Albums, starting 12th March for 2 weeks. There will be a link to for this competition.

Cloud 9 Children’s charity record with the “Hurricanes”!

Hurricanes – a powerful force of nature and a powerful rugby team in the prestigious Southern Hemisphere “Super 12” rugby competition!

As you may know, the official charity of the Super 12 Hurricanes Team is the Cloud 9 Children’s Charity, which assists children with Asperger’s Syndrome and autistic spectrum syndromes.

A fantastic song called “Every step of the way” has been recorded for charity by members of the Hurricanes team and a special music video is being filmed this week including stars such as Christian Cullen, Tana Umaga, Norm Hewitt and others.

You will soon be able to hear the song and buy the charity CD single in all good record stores throughout New Zealand – and enjoy the song on the massive loudspeakers at the Westpac Hurricanes stadium in Wellington.

Go for charity – and go Hurricanes!