Tribe News

News: 28th June 2004

We’ve had a lot of emails enquring whether The Tribe will be participating in Dragon*Con 2004. We are currently looking into possibilities and will let everyone know in due course. A track is being organised and you can view the arrangements at – which is subject to change. Whether any of The Tribe cast attend or not there will still be a Tribe Track at the event!

New Bulletin Board!

The new bulletin board is up and running! It is the latest version of Vbulletin 3.0. This new board allows all sorts of new features to be used including private messaging, uploading avatars, quick replies and so much more. We’re working on ironing out the creases so please bear with us while we learn to use the new functions as well!

DVD – Series 2
We receive a lot of emails regarding the release of Series 2 on DVD. As per our FAQ section, the release date at this stage is August 2004. As soon as we know more, and have a definitive date we will let you know. It’s not far away now!

New Postcard Set
We have a brand new Postcard set to add to our Tribe store. This is a mixed set of Tribe 4 & Tribe 5 photos and every set contains an autographed card from one of the cast! Check out the Tribe store for more details.

Tribe Summer Tour Video!
Good news! It’s available now for you to purchase if you’re a Tribe Fanclub member. Here’s a link to the Tribe Fanclub Store, so get your copy now!

There are some hilarious moments during this video with the cast certainly enjoying some light hearted moments together.