Tribe News

News: 28th October 2003

Tribe News!Mipcom – The Cloud 9 distribution team, Cumulus Distribution, visited the Mipcom Television Festival this month. It was a huge success and there are going to be many more countries screening The Tribe very soon!

Tribe Movie – The screenplay for The Tribe movie is currently being written! Keep checking into Tribeworld where you’ll hear exclusive news first on whether or not The Tribe movie will come to fruition. But news from Sector 9 is that there will be a Tribe Movie and although it takes time to bring these things together it’s likely that you’ll be able to see the Tribe Movie on your screens eventually!

Tribe Books – Currently there are eight fantastic German Tribe books plus there are two new ones on the way! But word around Cloud 9 is that we will be trying to get these translated into other languages so that they will be available all over the world (including England)! Keep checking the news page for the latest information because you’ll always hear it here first!

Tribe Store – It’s being planned and it looks like the store is about to triple in size!! Lots of new merchandise is soon to be available online!! CD’s, Albums, never before seen videos including the latest tour and much more! Plus don’t forget to get your orders in to The Tribe Fanclub for Christmas!

New German Tribe Books!

There are some new Tribe Books to be published this autumn by Dino! There are already 8 great books about The Tribe and these new ones are great! Here’s a sneak preview:

Teuflische Rache (Revenge)

The chaos is perfect. Mega’s plan for the city is going to bring it crashing down. The Mallrats have no choice but to play along. Secretly they wait for an opportunity to strike. When Jack, however suddenly changes into a PC specialist and decides to help Mega the Mallrats feel everything is lost. Is there still hope for the Mallrats and their city?

Zoot’s Erbe (Zoot’s Inheritance)

In the city absolute chaos prevails. RAM is defeated, but the Technos do not give themselves long to recover. While the Mallrats try to repair the damage, Java hatches a dangerous plan. The Techno’s want to rule the city – even if it costs lives. But then unexpectedly an old friend returns. And could an old enemy cause the next disaster?

The Tribe Album Re-Mix!

September was the official release of the remixed Tribe Album. As well as all your favourite Tribe songs there’s some fantastic new ones including Tribe Spirit, Reflections, and Urban Guerrilla that you’re sure to love. The album is being released in Germany first and we’ll let you know where else it will be release as soon as we can. Look out for it in your local music stores. You can also purchase it or the German Tribe Store