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News: 31st May 2002

200 episodes of The Tribe!

On June 1st 2002 The Tribe will be screening it’s 200th episode! Wow!

There are lots of special articles on the website looking at the last four years of The Tribe, right from the first day of filming in 1999.

New Fanlub Competition!

There will be a new competition for Fanclub members only at the end of the week – check your inbox for more information or check out the fanclub page in the Club section.


The Tribal Gathering is on this weekend!!

It will be held in Dallas, Texas in the U.S.A. It looks likes it’s going to be an action packed weekend at the Anime Convention.

Tribe Red Dragon are holding the Tribal Gathering again this year. It is being incorporated into A-Kon 13 which is a huge Japanese Animation Convention.

The gathering will be held at the Hyatt Regency DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth), located at the DFW International Airport. The convention is slated to be held from May 31st – June 2nd, 2002.

There will be a constant Tribe Marathon as part of the event with Tribe prizes up for grabs!! Plus Tribal fashion contests and trivia contests.

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UK Tribe 4 Exclusive!

Watch The Tribe this Saturday at 1.55pm on Channel 5. It’s on for an hour every Saturday!

Patch has escaped from The Techno’s but now it’s Jay’s turn. When Jay is set free it seems everyone in the city is after him, one big game of Cat and Mouse – is there anyone he can trust?

Check out the latest plot synopsis for more sneak preview action

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