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News: 3rd March 2000

One, Two – Three! Series 3 News!!!

Well do we have news or do we have news?

Series 3 of the Tribe will be happening!

Channel 5 in the UK are really pleased at how the Tribe is performing and the series really has become a phenomenon in the UK and indeed throughout the world (it is being watched right now from the USA to Ireland, Israel to Central and Eastern Europe, New Zealand to Finland, and is starting soon in Germany and other countries).

The world is going Tribal with 52 episodes in Series 1, another 52 half-hours (26 x hours) in Series 2 – and more to come in Series 3.

We just thought you would like to know Series 3 WILL be happening. Cloud 9 and Channel 5 are talking about dates and production timing and as soon as we have news about the start date of the production process then you know where to read it first!


Let’s face it, Amber is very popular and no wonder – she is kind, smart, caring, and a good leader. She also has style – and so does a new section in TribeStyle in LIFE.

You can check all about Amber and her style and there are tips on how to do the “Amber look” if you want to try!

If you do turn yourself into Amber, we’d love you to send us photos to the Fan Club and we’ll try to put them in the next Fanzine.

AND you can cast your vote on who has the best style in the Tribe in Tribe Vote – it’s pretty close at the moment between Ebony, Amber and Zandra. Tribe Vote is in the CLUB section.


Viewers and fans in the UK will have seen on Saturday in Series 2 the return of Trudy to the shopping mall and the Mall Rats. How did she escape? Does she plan to stay? What does she plan? What – or who – is she after (does she still love Bray)?

To coincide with the return of Trudy, we have an interview on Tribeworld with Antonia Prebble (TRUDY) that was recorded in the last days of making Series 2 – and there are Quicktime and Real Player versions available in the Downloads section of Clips.

It ain’t over – USA news about The Tribe!

Viewers and fans in the USA will know that the first run of broadcasting Tribe Series 1 finished on Encore’s WAM channel – or has it?

Well, Encore are repeating Series 1 of the Tribe – all 52 episodes of it – and you can watch your favourite episodes again (or any you might have missed)! Series 1 can be seen Monday through Friday at 4pm, 8pm and midnight (all EST).

To double-check when it is on in your area (if you are West Coast or central USA), you can visit and click the icon for the WAM channel.

AND you might be interested that Encore are currently also showing on WAM some other Cloud 9 programmes – The Enid Blyton Secret Series can be seen, and this stars none other than a younger Daniel James (ZOOT) as the series was made before the Tribe. This time Daniel plays a good guy and gets up to all sorts. Encore also show Cloud 9’s much acclaimed The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson

And Series 2 coming to the USA? Watch this space and we will have some details soon…


Yes! We are proud that members of the cast in the Tribe appear regularly on Tribeworld to speak with fans and viewers from around the world.

In the past, Caleb Ross (LEX), Dwayne Cameron (BRAY), Beth Allen (AMBER), Amy Morrison (ZANDRA), Michael Wesley-Smith (JACK), Daniel James (ZOOT), Meryl Cassie (EBONY), Michelle Ang (TAI-SAN), and Tori Spence (SALENE) have all appeared on Tribe Talk.

To coincide with the new Bulletin Board and new sections in Tribe Talk, members of cast will soon start appearing in the “This is the place” section on the Bulletin Board.

We’ll make an announcement in News on Monday 6th March as to dates and which member of cast should be the next up to appear!


For users of the new Ultimate Bulletin Board (UBB) there are a series of special competitions and bonuses to check out.

We’ve got some winners of the first special UBB competition in the This is the Place section – and a new competition to enter, where you can win a Tribe CD-Rom.

To enter, you need to have registered with the UBB – and can do so by visiting the Bulletin Board in the Tribe Talk section.