Beth Allen (Amber) on Childhood

What is your first memory?

Beth – 2 years old. Falling in a spa pool

What was your favourite toy as a child?

Beth – My dollhouse

Any childhood illnesses or injuries?

Beth – Only the usuals


Any scars from childhood accidents?

Beth – Nope

Favourite birthday party?

Beth – At McDonalds!

Favourite birthday cake?

Beth – A shark

Favourite holiday as a child?

Beth – America – Disneyland!

Favourite game as a child?

Beth – Dress ups

Do you remember your first day at school?

Beth – Yes – it was horrible!

Did you have many childhood parties?

Beth – All the time!

What did you like most about school?

Beth – Paper mache and storytime

What was your favourite piece of clothing as a child?

Beth – Something horrible, like bikeshorts


Who was your first crush?

Beth – A boy at school


What was your favourite subject at school?

Beth – English and Drama

At what age did you learn to swim?

Beth – Three

Were you interested in sports?

Beth – Yes

What did the tooth fairy leave you?

Beth – $2.00

Any embarassing childhood photos?

Beth – Plenty of naked ones!

What pocket money did you used to get and what did you used to have to do to get it?

Beth – $2.00 – smile sweetly

What was your first job?

Beth – A tv series

Favourite children’s tv show?

Beth – Sesame Street

Favourite children’s story?

Beth – Winnie the Pooh

What was the first record or CD you bought?

Beth – Bob Marley


Favourite cartoons or movies?

Beth – Wizard of Oz

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Beth – Everything – a fireman, a teacher, a policeman


The craziest thing you ever did as a child?

Beth – Wandered off at various points!


Who was your idol as a child?

Beth – My sister