Tribe News

News: 7th February 2000

And… cut!

“And… cut!”. It is a shout that signifies the end of filming a scene and for the cameras to stop rolling. On Friday 4th February it signified the last scene to be filmed and the end of the production process of Tribe Series 2.

Yes, after six long months Tribe Series 2 has now “wrapped”. No more footage needs to be filmed but the work still goes on in post-production (where episodes are edited and music/sound added).

There is a special account of the last week of shooting (with some exclusive photos) in the Location Report section of GUIDE.

Above is a photo of Lex (CALEB ROSS) in the final week of production filming a scene that will appear near the end of Series 2…

And what happens to the regular Location Report bulletin when the production has finished (like now)?

Well, there’s plenty to come still! In the future, the Location Report will have an exclusive series of FLASHBACK articles that look at different elements of Series 1 and Series 2 – from scenes to stunts, location shooting to blue screen and special effects, and these will be packed full of photos and feedback from those involved – as well as some downloadable clips behind the scenes that will be in the CLUB/Downloads/Clips section. More on this soon…

Important! In the next few days… Goodbye – and hello there!

Here at Tribeworld we are working on a new section to replace one of the existing sections and this will bring a wide ranging online Tribal community to the Internet.

This is because the existing Bulletin Board in TribeTalk is being replaced by a bigger and better one. It will still be called Tribe Talk – and it is still a Bulletin Board – but it is something quite new and unprecedented.

As a sneaky preview to readers of News, we have been authorised to reveal six of the many new areas of the new Bulletin Board:

– special and regular Bulletin Board only competitions
– a Pen Pal service
– a special “Thought for the Day” from a deep thinking Tribal user
– an area to Trade – are you looking to swap any Tribal gear or photos of the cast from (from the Fan Club)?
– Bonus messages so users of the Bulletin Board will be able to access special URL’s with bonus goodies such as digitial copies of scripts from the series, sketches, exclusive photos, and more!
– A new Tribemaster section where users can post questions or messages to the Tribemaster and there will be responses from this mysterious figure…

That’s not all.

The new Bulletin Board is really user friendly and you will be able to put special icons on your messages, there are powerful search facilities, and it is fast… you shouldn’t have to wait longer than a few seconds to move around the new system.

So when’s it online? Well, the new Tribe Talk will be going live in a few days time.

IMPORTANT! Many of you have written stories (which are fantastic) or have favourite messages on the existing Bulletin Board. When the new Bulletin Board goes live in a few days time, ALL of the current messages will be lost!

If you have messages you want to save and put on the new Bulletin Board when it goes live then it is possible to save messages from the current BB – and here’s how…

Go to your message you want to save and in your browser go to the File menu and choose “Save As”. You should then save the message as “Plain text”.

You can open up the message by using a Word Processing application (like Microsoft Word) and choosing to open the message you have saved as “Plain text”. A little window might appear saying “Convert File” and choose “Text only” and click OK. Your BB message will then be opened in Microsoft Word.

As soon as the new BB is live, you can copy and paste your old message into the new one from your Word Processor application.

Everybody will also have to reregister to use the new BB.

We will try to save cast interview messages so users can access these on the new BB.

The new Tribe Talk is not just a place to post messages and chat – it is a real online Tribe community with different things to do and we hope you’ll all like it when it goes live soon!

Look into the future, what do you see…?

This week, there is going to be an updated Weblinks section in LIFE with many new URLs to some Tribe sites by fans.

There is a new competition in the CLUB section (and the winners of the January comp are revealed).

Plot Synopsis and Location Report are updated.

And you can have your say on the question of the day with the new Tribe Vote.

AND Meryl Cassie (EBONY) reveals everything about Ebony, Zoot, Locos and her fantastic hair (many of you love it!) and you can check out Meryl’s interview in the CLUB/Downloads/Clips section.

AND last week we spoke to Dwayne Cameron (BRAY), Caleb Ross (LEX), Meryl Cassie (EBONY) and Antonia Prebble (TRUDY) about the backstory Pre-Tribe scenes they filmed in Series 2. There is going to be an account with feedback from them on what was involved, how it went and what is like playing their character when they were younger. Check it out in GUIDE/Pre-Tribe soon.